I had to get a refund

I purchased the game on Xbox last night but I cannot host my own 3v3 or 4v4 games.

I talked to XBOX CS and emailed the people at AOE but none of their suggestions worked aside from using a wired connection. I am using Wi-Fi and do not have a 100 foot ethernet cable just lying around so I guess I can’t enjoy the content I purchased.

I feel like there should be a warning before purchase that some people may not be able to use all of the features unless they are hardwired.

I don’t have issues with any of the newer games that come out but for some reason I can’t play a 20+ year old game using Wi-Fi.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

My suggestion would be to look at AoE2 DE, rather than AoE1, it’s a better game in my opinion.

Honestly, a LAN cable is not that expensive. If you have a distance of 100 feet between your router and your xbox, you must have really strong Wi-Fi! Do yourself a favor and invest into a proper LAN cable. It’ll improve your gaming quality of life in a jiffy.