I hate EW, EW askS us to be a wall builder from the starting time

I wanna suggest new one or wanna change EW to below model

Current EW is just Feudal Death match.
And It is very stressful to wall instantly after starting and unconsciously.
I felt I were a fool when I walled unconsciously.

The purpose of EW is to reduce time.
It’s good purpose.

So we have to analysis AOE2 Build order and then,
If under 10 or 15 pop. build orders of all users are significantly same. we can skip it.
but We should make starting point same as it would be from 3vil + 1SC.

If we choose 15 pop → 1 boar and 4 sheeps remain + Mill
(but BRT → 3sheep +100Foods, all civs should be considered to fit their traits)
If we choose 10 pop → 2 boars and 4 sheeps + No Mill
(but BRT → 3sheep +100Foods, all civs should be considered to fit their traits)

Make situation Same as 3vil + SC, We can resolve trait omission from who having good advantage from dark age

15 pop, 4 house and and so on

At the point of strategy

POP 15 → normal drush, feudal, fc all possible possible except for fast drush
POP 15 → fast drush + normal drush, feudal, fc all possible

that’s why i suggested this kinds of game mod, not EW.
EW are sometimes too annoying at the start time because we have so many open maps every time we should be wall builder now.

Thankfully, it is optional to play EW. I also don’t enjoy it at all. Games last barely longer than the amount of time it takes up to queue up for a game. Absolute waste of time in my opinion.

Yes, but, U know death match doesn’t allow in rank now.

The point of EW is that the first 10 minutes of every game is basically exactly the same. 2 vils build one house, 1 vil builds 2nd house, TC ques 3 vill, first 6 on sheep, then on to wood etc etc. In EW you agree with your opponent that this gets boring after a while and skip that. Yes you might need to build a wall instantly but why is that an issue?

yes but to go pop28 → many strategy
You Should choose archer, drush, sc, mma, skirm etc pop 15~22(including preparing)

So when we start at pop 28 → too late

If you wanted a 19pop scout rush but have 28 pop, that’s 9 more vils to push out a more effective scout rush, or 9 vils to build/grow eco to defend against one.

I still don’t understand what you mean by ‘too late’? Is the issue you can’t explore your environment enough to build walls effectively? That does sound like an issue and I would be on board with getting it fixed but I don’t understand what you’re asking for here.

It’s different. When you face opponent’s rush
from 3 vils → to 20 sc (enough time to wall)
from 28 vils → to 28 sc (not enough time to wall)

EW’s many open map.
I should prepare immediately SC gerrila (not rush) after starting.
It’s kinds of annoying stuff.
That’s why i wrote “wall instantly and unconsciously”

I think pop 10 or 15 is the time to reduce of build order.

Problem of EW imo it that you strat with too many vill and meta are very oriented the same for this exact reason because you can wall up pretty fast with some vill while keeping good eco and going for a fast uptime in castle age ~9min very easily while making some army to defend yourself

This mode is also VERY mistake’s oriented if someone made a mistake as example not walls in time or losing 2 archers with bad micro then the game is pretty much very hard to comeback while in rm you can comeback more easily it’s happen quite a lot to being completly dominated vs 300 elo less than me but gain very easily with 300 elo higher than me for this exact reason.

Plus the meta is too oriented archer and eagles are so op in this mode (don’t thinks at all they are on RM, just the barracks instant , no maa, castle pretty fast make it too strong).

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Don’t worry if Red bull is done with empires wars, the game mode will drop popularity in few weeks or months, right now it has lost probably half of the players trying it, maybe even more, if i queue at 1100 i get matched with 13++or 1400 so there aren’t many players playing it, and there will be less and less overtime.

EW is best game mode i ever played honestly. There are dozens of different strategies u can cast.

partly u are right. It’s stressful mode.
But it’s the best what we have. EW were introduced in a year after first redbull…
Imagine how long it would take for devs/community to play in different mod.

So u have options: create new map with 16 vils → organize tourney → may be idea would be awesome and devs will notice as wel as community.

Just saying that u have to get used with current choice.

Also, 15 start is not easy. u have not time to scout. Will be a lot of trade off.

in the end, to play EW could recommend:

  1. open with archers + several pikes
  2. cause p1 → do some walls and go castle.
  3. if u rashed → resign

The best of that mode is that u could resign really fast, so u should not care too much about time/rating etc. resign, start new.

seriously? resign? it best recommendation?

No it is not. The purpose is an action packed game from the start without the boring build phase of the dark age. Games taking less time is a consequence of this, not the main reason for this game mode.

Walling in general is a strong strategy on most of the maps. I dont really think we need to change EW because of all the walling. Walling in general need an adjustment.

Note: I still havent played new Arabia. If what i heard is true, it is a much more aggressive map and much harder to wall. Which will be great for the game.

EW = no arabia…
I think people who play this game should write in this forum.

I think not all of the maps are open (thinking Eruption is actually extreme closed) but generally if I play EW usually I want the games to end fast so I dont mind that the games are extremely fedual oriented (actually walling in EW is easier than new Arabia…)

I played this game a lot in the past. Recently i just have had a small break since the DLC is released. Before that i mostly played daily.

I know that EW = no arabia, but walling is an issue in almost all maps, since it is too strong. So it happens on EW, but also on Arabia and also other open maps on RM. So walling is the general issue to tackel. Not the game mode EW. That is what i tried to say and why i mentioned Arabia.

It’s just necessary. Raids decide games just way too fast. No walls => pure raiding feast. It’s that easy.

If there is something “too strong” in the game it’s raids. And Walls just happen to be the right tool to buy enough time against raids to prepare a defence. Either if you are the defender or the attacker who has to fear counter-raids.

This whole “Walls too strong” thing is just completely misguided. As walls are the single thing in aoe2 that make different strategies work. Push without walls? All-in without walls? Greedyness without walls? Sneak without walls? Castle drop without walls? …
Without walls the whole game is just a permanent raiding feast. That’s the truth.
It’s just a key element of the game.

And even besides walls are “reportedly OP” Most games are still decided by raids.

So tell me, what is really OP? Walls or the one single strategy they are supposed to counter?

Coming back to EW: EW and DM both are highly paced from the beginning. That’s what a part of the Community wanted. But ofc because of that, they are extremely executional demanding. The truth it with this high pace, the strategic part is just extremely suppressed. Cause the “slow” early game is the part of the game that leads to different strats and playstiles interacting and slowly building up the higher paced strategy game it later becomes. It’s just a necessary prequel to put the different player in a role, a situation they have to deal with and find solutions for. Whilst in EW all players basically start with the same role and situation, so both players tend to do the same thing. The meta strat.

The truth it, there can be no high-paced game mode with the same strategy depth as normal ranked. The early game is just necessary for players to find their role and situation in the game - and try to make the best out of it.

I think walling needs to remain “strong” in general. Otherwise every game becomes a horrible mess. I enjoy laming and going forward early in games often, but man, I don’t want every single game to be like that. It’s meant to be a strategy game or something.

EW is very rush-oriented in the first minutes; it doesn’t punish you too much to lose 1 or 2 vill because you start with 28 anyway and can keep producing vills without any problem
The goal is to protect yourself from the incoming rush or kill as many enemy villagers and keep spamming army while you can
After that, it’s like any other RM game.