I hate this game

But what if I start doing drugs instead? This might be the lesser of two evils.

AoE2 is a drug. For you, anyway. It’s taking over your mind in the same way as a drug, and is also destroying your life in the same way. You need to cut it out for your sake.


Did you try putting your villagers in the TC?..for feudal age you would have to have around 10-15 villagers…a rush in feudal you can stop calmly, because the spearman needs to get close to the TC to kill him (there you kill one unit) and the 5 archers you simply have to get close enough to the TC to kill them…literally, in castle age I was able to take down 120 men-at-arms, with only 60 villagers and 3 TCs, I was on fire that day…

Not true, you should have double this vil count.

Sounds like the enemy was doing terribly, not that you were doing well if I’m being honest.

Yes, it happens that it varies depending on the game…sometimes I try to advance quickly to feudal with 10-15 and then I relax creating villagers or I get many villagers (20-30) and I delay my advance to feudal, but I speed up my advance to castle age…

Yes, the truth is that they were kind of noobs, because they had a castle and two barracks near my TC and they only sent me men-at-arms all the time and with my 3 TCs they took them down, it was a joke…afterwards, yes, they took out battering rams and I simply retreated to another area until the enemies surrounded me and it was gg…

Neither of these are good. For an open map, the higher level meta is usually between 17 and 20 vils (20 is definitely on the slower end, 17 is fast). For a closed map, it’s usually 21-27 vils. It sounds like your eco will end up being really weak either way, or your timings will suffer.

Isn’t it a bad idea? I’m not being argumentative, I want to know. Putting you villagers inside the town center just leaves the possibility for your opponent to station archers on your woodline and gold and you are done for.

That’s why you build towers preemptively. Or even drop them as you see the enemy approaching. Either way, you can’t leave parts of your eco open and expect the enemy not to attack.

This is why you have military on the field. Also, if they just camp one woodline, go use another one.

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even pros can’t be 100% sure that they reach castle age

this is basically never a good idea, you can’t do this without having lots of idle time in the TC

Or playing with any other resource setting than standard. But yeah, normally, you age up with 19-21 villagers.

Why people still entertain this discussion is beyond me.


I get the feeling that the opponent would just create more archers and camp in every possible woodline. Anyway, yeah, the answer is a proper counter for archers, not just running away.

Exactly. I too try to advance with just 15 villagers to go up quickly to feudal and wall up with stone. You know that match I described? Well, my opponent aged up simultanously with me, due to my town center idle time. Conclussion: I don’t know what else to do.

I rewatched the match from my opponent’s side and saw that stables and archery ranges have 1500 HP. Stone walls in feudal have 1080. That’s because THEY WERE NERFED for unkown reasons. I mean, nerfing towers HP to prevent tower rushes is one thing, but WHAT THE F*** DEVS??? WHAT IS THE REASONING BEHIND NERFING WALLS??? WALLS CAN’T SHOOT OF BE OFFENSIVE IN ANY WAY. If this wasn’s the case, I might have advanced to castle age and do what I was attempting to do. BUT NO… WALLS NOW HAVE 1080 IN FEUDAL!!!

Do you have any contribution to make?

Because stone walling is annoying to fight. It’s not fun to play against on most open maps, just boring a lot of the time.


Let’s see if I understand. Devs thought that being able to defend oneself terminates the fun for the opponent, so they substracted 800 HP to stone walls. It’s terribly unfair. Having an enemy tower in your base is an annoyance so a way to balance it seems appropiate. Walls? They were used, and I used them, in the way that they are supposed to be used. And I can’t have that because it’s boring? Maybe the real reason is that Twitch views would plummet without feudal rushes and the devs accomodated. My anger towards this game is hence justified.

You aren’t meant to defend yourself solely with stone walls. You’re meant to use military. You can use them, but they aren’t meant to keep enemies out forever, they’re meant to buy you time to respond properly.


no, that’s the problem. collect all the food you can find on the map (first sheep, then boar + a few vils on berries) and keep making vils until you have 17-20, then click up. doesn’t have to be an exact build order, but having a plan is a good idea

true, but you are ignoring how much armour they have:
stone walls have 8 melee, 10 pierce
stable/archery range have 1/8 in feudal

This armor made tearing down the wall with archers a really tough business back in 1999. Right now, since it has less hp, it’s the same as if the armor didn’t exist. I guess that Spiritofthelaw, the youtube mathematician, could do the number crunching and show how it is equivalent.

Seriously, the reason they nerfed walls is because Twitch views. There’s no other explanation.

It’s because people don’t want to play the game defensively, because that’s boring. Slows everything down and removes action. It’s not just about Twitch views, it’s about what’s actually fun, and turtling isn’t.


“People”. That’s a funny term. I believe some “people” would want to reach Castle age calmly. I’m still amazed that the devs deprived them of a means to do that. If there are other “people” who lose patience 10 minutes in, it’s them who should put extra work to bring down the opponent’s defenses. Building three towers to shoot at a tile of stone wall is boring, is that the problem? Or maybe this “people” wouldn’t know what to do if a villager repaired the wall simultaneously.

You get what I’mn saying? If some players don’t want to turtle because it’s not fun, then they shall not do it. It’s really unfair to hamper the ones who do want to play defensivly.