I hate this game

Well, that’s what casual lobbies with treaty are for.

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You’re just playing too slowly. You’re not reacting fast enough to aggression. So there’s no secret tip at your level, you just need faster fingers. Remember it’s a war game, not a building game like Sim City.


No, no. Scenarios in which you don’t have to build anything are the exception - the Burgundians campaign scenario 3 for example. It’s all fighting and no building. Moreover, if I wanted to play a game which is full aggresion, I would be playing first person shooters. Anyway, the decision to nerf stone walls HP came with The Forgotten expansion, which was full of bad design and terrible decisions, so it figures.

it’s still a war game, you are meant to build and fight at the same time. if you want to first build, then fight have a look at treaty games

First of all, none of you understand treaties. Erecting a wall makes sense when you are forced to do it lest you are attacked. If there’s a treaty and no attack will come, there’s no point in walling up. The implication here is that walls are the most effective in Feudal, when no one has siege. Walling up during peace time is superfluous - when the treaty ends and the enemy is in castle, all he needs are a couple of petards, and inside come the knights.

Second… it seems to me that you’re all salty. Like you were children in 2000 and played against someone who walled up quickly and then defeated you.

Walls are meant to slow enemies down, which they do fine. They aren’t meant to buy you infinite time. When they were stronger, there was no point in being aggressive, every map played like a closed map, which was boring, because it reduced variety.


Naturally, but the scourge of walls used to be siege in castle age. Not 5 archers in feudal. The devs attained ther goal, because I will never wall up again in feudal if those walls are made of paper.

It takes 5 archers over 7 minutes to destroy a single tile of Feudal Age stone wall. If you can’t get military on the field and respond in that time, you probably deserve to lose honestly.


I CAN, but what did I built the wall for? So I don’t spend the other 3 resources. Again, this wouldn’t even be an issue if the The Forgotten devs hadn’t been drunk in the brainstorming session in which they came up with the stone walls nerf and the El Dorado campaign.

That’s not what you build the wall for. You build it so the enemy can’t run into your eco, surprise you, and kill half your villagers before you react. It buys time, it doesn’t keep them out forever, and it shouldn’t ever do so. It’s not an issue at all, at least not with the game’s balance.


Says the guy who regularly SHOUTS AT THE DEVS ALL IN CAPS and is constantly crying about losing. And we are the ones being salty? :rofl: If a spearman and 5 archers break through your stone wall in feudal then it’s a skill issue, not a game issue. How long did it take for them to break in? A very long time, I bet. And how did you react? Did you make skirmishers? Or build a market behind the broken wall? Or build a tower? Or did you simply do nothing and let them very slowly break in?

Also building stone walls in dark / feudal age is a mistake anyway, because it’s a waste of villager time collecting stone at that stage in the game. Palisade walls with houses behind are perfectly adequate. You need to scout opponent’s buildings and make counter military units. Or be aggressive yourself to force enemy to be defensive in their base. As others have said, walls are not supposed to keep the enemy out forever, they’re just there to give you time to react and make military yourself to defend.


YES, IT TOOK THEM A COUPLE OF MINUTES. But you’re still missing the point. If I had planned to make military instead of walls, I would have. Everything you said would be invalidated if we were still in 2000 and stone walls weren’t made of paper in feudal age. When I saw the wall’s health bar decreasing faster that I hoped, I knew it was pointless.

Pfft, are they? I wouldn’t be surprised if matchmaking put me against a player who decided to break down the palisade and the house with archers.

And that’s more than enough time to make military yourself. Walls buy time, they don’t keep the enemy out forever.

They are. Archers take a while before they take out house + palisades. In Castle Age onwards, Palisades are like paper to knights which is why there it makes sense to start making Stone Walls.


If you are fully walled and you really don’t want to make military in feudal age, you don’t have to. As I said, you can just make a market behind the broken wall to seal the hole. Or make a tower.


I think you should play a different game instead of insulting the playerbase.


On that note, that’s a good cue to close this thread for good, since the arguments have been going around in circles for a while now.