I have a question

I can’t see the Ayyubid civilization introduction icon on the site.It has been deleted, does it mean it is not going to come?

It’s coming but it’s yet to be revealed. Probably in the next few weeks we’ll have the overview.

Oh no wait I checked and indeed is out. Who knows then!

So it is most likely deleted

Or maybe it’s an oversight and they will be presented on Monday, a week after Jeanne d’Arc.

Interesting, maybe you are right. They do not delete

Maybe they will rename the civ to “Saladin” xd…


I’ve a hard time believing that they will just remove the entire variant civilization just like that, besides we haven’t even seen what it is yet, no reason to do that.

They just probably prepare it for a Monday reveal.

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Especially considering it is probably the playable civilization for the campaign.

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From what I understand, none of the flags circulating on the internet of the new variant civilizations are yet official. They’re just fandom flags.

As for whether they were not revealed before… I have a vague idea that they had a “?” symbol, but it may be a recreation of my brain. At least in videos from a YouTuber who took a screenshot before the September 22, it shows that it was empty before.


The only exception is the Joan of Arc flag revealed on Monday the 25th. On the other hand, the last announcement 2 days ago was to confirm that the Civ Joan of Arc was a reality, but nothing more.

Considering times: lately they always release an ad every 3 or 4 days. The most likely thing then is that next Monday, or this Sunday they will reveal some clue of some of the 3 variant civilizations.

Probably like those manga authors who leave you with the intrigue of the “Next Chapter”, they save information about the Chinese variant for the end, and first reveal something about the Ayyubid or the Order of the Dragon.

In my opinion, the new Chinese civilization will be introduced, not the Ayyubids. But removing the icon and the name of the Ayyubids suddenly from among other civilizations causes doubts.

I just checked Reddit and now I understand what you’re talking about. It turns out that a promotional image of the Ayuubid dynasty was available for a brief moment, but then it disappeared.

I have a theory that the devs are preparing the main page for the announcement. However, and probably by accident, instead of push the “save” button, somebody push “publish” and it was accidentally revealed.

I say again that just like what happened with Juana, maybe they will publish it officialy tomorrow or on Monday.

The other possibility is that it is a short promotional spoiler.

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I wouldn’t think too much about it… Just wait for announcements.

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Yes, there is a month and a half left until the launch of the dlc…

FYI, the Ayyubids are now back in the Civilizations overview page, still “Coming Soon”.


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Yes, I saw it a few minutes ago, thank you

Will it be introduced in a few hours or will it be tomorrow?

I know as much as you I’m afraid.

Basically, it should have been introduced today

they deleted the thumbnail to create a new one at the front, i think its because they will announce it this week.

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