I have custom map, how to make it as close to skirmish or "real world" map?

I created a map in the editor.

  1. Now I would like to set it up so that players can choose how many players will be playing.
    The problem is that in the editor, I have to choose the number of players and all positions must be taken. I would like to have them optional
  2. I want to set up the starting positions for players so that at the start the game will not spawn TC into trees.
    How to do that?
  3. I would like to find a basic trigger script for start of the standard game - f.e. place TC on designated location, spawn scout, and villagers according to the civ, spawn sheep and boar in diameter close to the TC and so on… I believe there must be something like this already.

look at how the real world maps are set up, a custom terrain used by a rms to create random res on set terrain, thats your best bet

That didnt really helped. I am aware of the rms maps, but there are also other maps like underneath the selection “real world maps”.

thats what i just said. im not sure, hoping to figure it out myself.