I hope AoE II DE is better optimized

I saw in the FAQ that the DE will have a 500 pop limit like the HD edition. I hope the devs have realized that the HD edition was simply not optimized to handle this and is nearly unplayable at that setting, and have fixed the performance problems (and pathfinding!).

Any insider insight on this?


could deal with it in the way countries deal with hyperinflation; Make units cost 10x more and 10x more pop and powerful.

I do not know how to me the most optimal limit of the population is 200. More is already too much. All the more limit in 200 tested original version of and which was perfectly balanced. I’m talking about version 1.0с.


For me the optimal limit is slightly more than 200, but no more than 250. I think it’s the reasonable amount a human mind can efficiently control.

But I think that if they get 500 pop working, we may have a new playstyle with 2 people per civilisation, like 1vs1 with 4 people.


This is because Forgotten Empires made new balance changes for 200 pop meta. Obviously less or more pop will make game unbalanced


I disagree with limitation of population below 500:
Reason 1:
Everything is matter of UI. Have a look on supreme commander UI with strategic zoom. That is real strategy and not tactic.
Reason 2:
More automation for economy can help to have more attention time on funny things like fighting.

nice catch…