I hope AoE IV isn't going to be an AoE II clone

I know a lot of AoE II fans didn’t like some changes of AoE III, but i hope they are at least going to make unique mechanics and upgrades to the previous games. I personally really liked things like natives in AoE III and trade posts. I hope they add things like that, ofcourse more fitting in medieval age. Also i hope it is not just going to be a clone of AoE II in the sense that there are the exact same but with graphic changes and small improvements.


Absolutely. Hopefully it is designed with inclusivity in mind for all types of Age -and not only- players. While being appealing to a modern audience as well.

I think nobody would seriously wish for an AoE2 or 3 clone.


Among the first few mechanics they announced was that Mongols would be able to move their buildings and be denied the last age, which is clearly something never seen in normal gameplay before (unless you count AoM and teleporting buildings I guess?). I think we can trust the rest of the civs will have different gameplay like that.


Exactly this “creativity” is going to be the main game breaking issue as usual.

Make game more simple is not automatically and improvement.
A lot of Strategy fans did not Like AoE3.

My question does AoE4 have to be a simplified game? For an Base Build Strategy game having a
pre-defined location for resources and key locations a pretty bad design.

I don’t see how throwing out of the windows a lot of features people liked about game Series is any kind of proper approach. Did you like what they did make with Dawn of War 3?

I didnt say that they should make the game more simple. I said i hoped they also looked at the other games in the franchise and not only AoE II, trade posts were a interessting idea together with natives. They can just add the best of AoE II and III together and new and cool mechanics to make a game for AoE II and III fans.

I totally agree… something new and outside the box, but still teaches history (a little) and gives us a new but familiar experience.



“My question does AoE4 have to be a simplified game? For an Base Build Strategy game having a
pre-defined location for resources and key locations a pretty bad design.”

You mean like starcraft ?

AOE 3 did simplify resource gathering a bit , did not simplify the battles in any way.

Ya it would be cool to have trading posts. IDK why so many aoe 2 fans hate aoe 3 so much. Personally I like both.

They kinda simplified battles. Theres less formations and you can scout or stand ground and stuff

I feel like any chnages they make the aoe 2 comunity will be mad.

I believe there is not too much difference between the amount of formations or arleast not the important formations.

Stand ground is kind off implemented in the game automatically, he will chase a bit but after some time it will go back to its point it was.

Do you mean the automatic scout option? Because that was added recent and shouldnt be seen as an difference of the game itself in my opinion.

I feel the same that AoE II isnt going to be pleased easily seeing everything different they will probably hate. Thats why i hope it isnt going to be an exact clone to please AoE II fans.

read the interviews,they don’t going to make a aoe2 clone
also nobody wants a aoe2 clone

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I hope its more of a mix of 2/3


The few news we have seem to confirm it will be a 3D AOE2 clone… or perhaps not.