I hope UU get more use in AOE4

In AOE2, the standard army composition for 90%+ of the civs are generic units. There are very few civs which have a UU that is worth making over generic units. I think the UU really defines a civ and it’s a shame that generic units dominate the gameplay. If they keep it similar to AOE2, I hope AOE4 makes UU very strong compared to generic units so it’s more worth it to invest in a castle instead of TCs to make your UU in castle age or make additional defensive castles in imperial age so you can make more of your UU instead of placing castles forward that may get trebbed down.

An idea that could lead to more UU use is to allow the UU be available in the corresponding generic military building but its stats are decreased, cost is more expensive, or creation time is increased compared to making it in a castle. It still allows you to make your UU when you don’t have castles but rewards you when you produce your UU from castles.

According to interviews every unit in AoE4 is going to be a unique unit.

Unit types will still be similar.
A spearman is going to counter cavalry even if it has slightly different stats and costs for every civilisation. Not guarantied that every civilisation has a spearman. Some will likely have other units that fulfil the same role.


Source? If every unit is going to be unique that would be complex to code.

They didn’t directly say that each civilisation will have completely different units with completely different statistics but every civilisation will have completely unique visuals.

If we assume AoE4 will have 10 civilisations on lunch than giving them a completely unique set of units isn’t that crazy.
AoE3 had 6 civilisations with nearly completely different architecture and nearly every unit was unique in both of the Extensions. AoM only had 4 (now 5) civilisations with completely unique sets of units, even the villager and drop of buildings were different.

That’s not complex to code. The unit stats aren’t saved in code anyway (hopefully) but in data files.
I would be surprised if they can’t make 10 completely unique civilisations in 2020. Dawn of War from the same creator had 9 completely unique civilisations in 2008.

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8 is the magic number. Not 6 nor 10 :slightly_smiling_face:

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AoE III had 8 civs, but yeah I take your point.

I think 8 - 12 seems likely for launch.