I joined the bad side

pay to win oh yea!

sorry i had to join the bad side, because i couldnt convince developers to dont make dlcs op.


Mexico really accentuates the indie fan-dev vibe.


It’s an incredibly fun civ and very strategically diverse as the devs said. I feel that people are over exaggerating in saying it’s OP though, the only things I think that need tweaking are possibly some age 4 shipments which give too much value, I’ve seen people revolt age 2 then quickly go to age 4 and spam those shipments, normally that would stunt your eco which balances it but they spend so little time in the revolt that it doesn’t matter.
Apart from that though the soldado is very balanced being a 2 pop unit that’s weaker than 2 musk and they lose hard to skirms no matter what, the chinaco feels good and can be strong if you stack all it’s upgrades but if you can afford to do that sending 3-4 cards just to upgrade 1 unit then you’re probably going to win anyway.
Salteador feels good, it’s strong but expensive.

What I like about mexico is you have so many options, I mostly enjoy the hacienda boom but if I’m against dutch for example I know they’ll be spamming banks so I’ll revolt to central america and get a falconet and some revolutionaries to protect it from huss it’s a great early game option to punish civs that boom.
I like the age 3 revolt which I forget the name of but you keep all settlers and can send a factory and a card that makes haciendas trickle +1 of all res per second.
Maya revolts fun too but just a meme, you’d win anyway if your opponent let’s you revolt twice to get maya.