I just bought the game and cant play multiplayer services

I just bought aoe 2 de on steam and unable to play multiplayer services. It shows your account has been suspended for 24 hrs. I did not play a single game and still showing account suspended due to negative behaviour. why are u guys doing fraud with me? This is insane. I am totally helpless now. Even reply came from customer care stating account blocked due to negative behaviour. How can it happend by not playing a single game?? this is wrong aoe customer team. please provide me refund if u cant allow me to play…

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You need to tick one of those boxes on the left. If you want to play 1v1s, tick the 1v1 (tiny map) box on the left. Same goes for the other maps. Does that fix it?

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When I did that it shows your account is suspended due to negative behavior for 24 hrs

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The aoe2 support is dumb when they have to ban people.

They obviously make a mistake again.

You have to make a ticket via discord or the website

Did you manage to play?