I just hope there are no houses that generate resources

That’s my only wish for the dlc. It’s a simple one and I humbly hope it is granted: No multiple easy to have buildings to generate, harveste or collect resources for the first two-three ages.

Just that.


Agreed… a house that generates army would be much better. :pig:

I hope that the Ethiopians get one of those, like on the Christopher da Gama historical battle, when their troops spawns from the Huts.


Hey check this out!

This is obviously just a joke but the people at ESOC are assuming every future civ will have a new lame house design, and trying to predict what they will be also a fun unique houses design would be a house that packs up and moves, and also doubles as a tower but much weaker, this would be fun for an aggressive civ but I can’t imagine it being balanced for a defensive civ.

Also we need a Garja house :joy:

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Super fun thread :stuck_out_tongue: But tbh, I think it’s fine, either every civ get’s their unique auto gather or none, dutch have banks, swedes torps, inca houses, etc. The problem is (apart from inca myb) those things are so damn hard to take down. The HP for autogather buildings is too high across the board. they should be something to protect (apart from torps which are forward builds and agressive myb) but hey, maybe I am wrong, the game is fun as it is, too.

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The problem for these buildings are low paid high return, especially eco houses (also including hard to take down).

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Houses that gives us resources should have stopped at Japan!

Torps are a bad design for AOE3 and there is no reason why Inca has houses that generate food:

They already have good units, strong minor natives features and a powerful turtle/defense style. No reason to give them free food.

Yeah inca without Kancha but never getting the chimu and native rush nerf would be a pretty fun civ.

Banks = Coin generator buildings = mimics the interest gathered by the loans
Good units, powerful turtle/defense style
Kancha = food generator buildings= mimics the exchange of goods across the empire
Good units, powerful turtle/defense style

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Seems like you don’t need to worry: the new African Civs won’t feature any houses like that

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I’m curious to know how monastery above coin mines will work