I just lost to hotdog carts

Yup, you read that right, a flaming hotdogcart. Not exactly sure why these are in the game but they are… and apparently this cheater was able to get them. So thanks for that I guess…


Yeah, if you type in the chat: “mustard, relish, and burning oil” (I think), it will give you one of those hot dog carts. It is one of many cheat codes that the age3 devs snuck into the game.

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you can use cheatcodes in a ranked game? thats news to me

If it’s in a ranked game, then make sure to report the player


Can you rename the thread to smth. like “Cheater in Ranked Match Detected”?
The same guy also cheated against me.
See the screenshot with my live reaction :smiley:

Mods, please investigate “OMGitsme5377”!

I want to add that after he destroyed my TC, I tried activating a cheat myself but nothing happened. So somehow the guy circumvented it so that cheats only work for him.


he’s using a hacked chinese client

was once one for aoe2de a while ago, i forwarded the googledrive link to admins to investigate it :wink:

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Hi guys thanks for the reports, we’re investigating this issue.