I just need a simple answer... how many nerfs on the Inca do you need to be satisfied?

Every patch in the last 2 years has had consecutive nerfs on Inca, how many are needed to leave the civ alone, it’s already reaching the point where the civ becomes unplayable.
Is the Inca balanceable or will a complete rework be necessary?
they have already nerfed the civ’s economy, they have already nerfed the maximum number of villages, they have already nerfed ALL the gold units to the point of leaving them unusable…(with the exception of chimu)
Inca basically only uses its units that cost wood and food (it’s the hauraca that uses wood and gold) and in the last patch the collection of wood from kanchas was nerfed, again impacting all units used by the civ.
It has already reached the point that the Inca has difficulty dealing with very strong cavalry such as (curassier, lancer and chinaco) and artillery, because if the chimus do not reach the enemy artillery, the hauracas take out range for all artillery.
The civ only has one strategy in sup mode, which is boom/rush.
In treated mode, civ disappeared because it is too weak.
In FFA, it is simply countered by walls and artillery, despite having incredible survival using the cockroach strategy… it only serves to piss off somenone and delay the game until you get 2nd place in FFA.
Every patch nerfing the same civ is making the situation unsustainable…
The civ is in a situation that is at least strange, is it time for a rework or will they continue to be nerfing until they informally delete the civ from the game?


I’m wondering if it still has a somewhat high win rate due to newer players not knowing what their units do. Microing vs chimu/spear is difficult when you know exactly what needs to hit what, it’d be worse if you aren’t sure.

Some of the past nerfs seemed reasonable, but the ones in this patch seemed like too much.

Inca? Really Inca? Not ottomans which had their sole restraining weakness covered by a hybrid unit and got a gren that is just absurd?

A complete rework is necessary, unfortunately that will never happen. :pensive:

How are Inca more toxic than current ottoblob?

I really wanna know the reasoning.

The price of the Chimu in the Inca has now reached the same level as that of the Bourbon Musketeers in this update, and their spearmen have become the most expensive spearmen in this game. At the same time, in previous updates, they have reduced the trainable limit of farmers and reduced the production of resource buildings, which is obviously unreasonable


Its closed the gap last i saw a bit but generally yeah brits have remained -100 elo and otto +100 since a year now.

As for inca age2 boom civs that cant beat punished by ff timings tend to have no counter. Inca was certainly dealing with falcs too easily when huaraca were only buffed to help vs late game hvys and eq. Being able to deal with any age2 pressure, get 10+ unraidable food trickle vills eq by 630 and up to 3 by 830 and instant shred falcs was too much. Maybe in age4 hauraca will again be too weak but age3 play was too easy with them. Complex, and i dont agree with jungle nerfs and maybe even spear nerfs (personally think they op.but most tell me nah so ill be open here) but huaraca chimu were killing way to much.

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