I just realised something about warrior priest and priestess

They can be tasked to other native civs plaza if you get them from an ally.

So hypothetical cheese

  • in a game incan and aztec teammate can send 2 warrior priest card and the 2 priestess card to provide a decent trickle on a plaza for all allies that are also natives.

u just need to be a native civ, even works with haud and lakota.

combined its like a 7 vil shipment for each team member on the plaza. (since 2 warrior priest is worth 4 vills on the plaza and 2 priestess is worth about 3)

edit: so 2 WP + 2 priestess it provides about 3.5 ish xp per second, which is like 2 unupgraded tps worth of xp I think, for reach team member

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I noticed this long ago with vils on mills and plantations. You could task them on another players assets. I never explored it much as I seldom played team games but from the little casual observations I made doing it wasn’t convinced that they were actually producing any resources there. I stopped doing it because that seemed to be the case and it is rarely needed anyway. This seems similar.

Yeah vils on other mils are often bugged due to how they count the units on the building.

This is a bit different since this is units you control working on your plaza.

I tried sending WP to an allied plazza and that doesn’t work.

Its just that if you get a WP, even if you are not aztec, you can still get them to work on the plaza and get the same benefit as an aztec player.

That has been a feature since war chiefs, thats the reason of Warrior priest team card. I have a treaty deck with them only for my natives allies.
Also I have 3 team vills, you wait until your allies have train every settler/CDB (settler wagons dont count) and send them killing 3 before if you have reach 99. Then your allies have 102 villagers