I just used the Incan Priestess and... wow

This is the greatest unit in the entire series. I cannot express to you how OP it is that these units can convert YOUR ENTIRE ARMY given about 15 minutes @ 20 priestesses. I really love their range most of all, I would have thought “Hey, lets make this unit melee”, but no siree bob the team went all out on this one and made it be just a little better than melee range.

Did you guys know that if you don’t feel like selecting an individual priestess to convert an enemy unit you can select the whole group and do it? Sure you don’t convert the unit any faster, and it puts everyone on cooldown at the same time, but that’s the price you should have to pay for wanting some ease of use.

Thank God those who are skilled enough to remember it, can pull their unit back a few pixels just before conversion to reset it, if that wasn’t an option I just don’t know how people in top tier ranked games would be able to adjust to that.

Its pretty cool that the converted unit doesn’t come over to your side fully healed, I mean if it did that would give you too much of an advantage, imagine losing a musketeer AND having to fight it at full strength? What in the world would your other 49 troops do?

It was also a cool decision to make the hotkey for conversion not work, I like using my mouse to click on an individual priestess, click on the conversion button, then click on an enemy unit. That’s the best, its why I play this game.

All in all I give the priestess 10/10, I would like to see more functional, and useful units like this. Who needs Iron Troops, Lancers, Gendarmes, and Horse Guns when you’ve got this am I right?

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