I just want to play arabia

I’m tired of playing other kind of maps. Sometimes is cool, but now I’m tired of playing maps like mediterranian or black forest all the time


Play some unranked games then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also wish the DE did not take away player choice and ignore how the majority of the competitive community likes to play.


Serengueti is also very good. It is similar to arabia.

Serengeti is cool, it is also not in the map pool. I’m pretty sure OP was talking about ranked games

Yes I was tal king a out the rankeds map pool

Where do I see the map pool?

You go to ranked games and try to search for a game, on the right side of your screen you see the maps that are in the pool, of which you can ban some, depending on your queue options, if you have 4v4 enabled for example, you can only ban 1, if you have only 1v1 enabled, you can ban 4 maps.

The competitive scene needed some freshening up into their mappool, I’m extremely happy it was forced with an ironfist.

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Bruh, easy way out of this situation:
Just resign if you don’t like the map. If you do it in the first minute, you don’t get any penalties at all.

Simple, like that. A lot of people do it, and also helps as a “protest move”, if you ask me. And don’t be ashamed to do that, it’s not your fault that your favorite map is simply ignored by the game.


I’ll be very doubtful this behavior would ever change the way the DE ranked MM works, but they might make changes to this resigning without consequence, like in some other competitive games, if you sign up to queue, you agree to play the game to come. If you just leave it outright for trolls, you start to get penalties, like in Dota 2 and CS GO. The system is forgiving right now, but don’t expect it to stay like that forever if you keep abusing it. :confused:

Arabia is the best map imho. There just needs to be more maps with the quality of Arabia. The remaining maps do leave a lot to be desired.

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A matter of opinion really, to me arabia leaves a lot to be desired, but that’s just me. :S

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Good point. One thing tho, in CS GO you can select what maps you want. In fact, i commonly joke that “I didn’t bought CS GO, i bought dust 2! And the P90 dlc too!”.

Leaving the game because of the map is never a problem, then. People leave because of other things (toxiticy, hacks, you know better than me), where the punishment comes hard into play.

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Yes, arabia and dust2 are pretty much the same thing. They should do the same in csgo as what was done to aoe2 :grin: :grin: :grin:

Not that it matters to me right now, since I haven’t touched it for a year. P90 is bestest though. Right after old expensive negev force buys. x]]]