I know the devs hate me, but yall cant deny how right I am

from inevitable wall nerfs, to HOW changes, to even the very specific HRE horseman armour buffs

i might be combative AF, but i know what a game needs

yes this is an ego rant, because im sick of being right, and the devs taking forever to implement it

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most of the people wanted wall nerfs not only you thats why they nerfed it


They must be working at the same time in two civilizations every year, it is something that most always ask for, in addition to new campaigns

2 without done it right. bcuz every civ is getting reworked with those patches

compare to the “being tracked” bug report and constant stuff breaking in aoe2, aoe4 still has it better, by about 2x lmao.

but yes i agree game needs lot more patches and fixes, graphic being a big one.

i think its actually pretty comparable, however, the aoe4 bugs tend to be far more basic in nature (i do remember how occasionally you can duplicate resources with build foundations, there are others ofc, but that kind)