I lost my whole elo

hey there i just lost my whole ELO in AOE DE1
i dont know what happened, i fell from 1845 or 1835 to 1600
ingame name is

You’re probably playing on the old MS Store client right? 27xxx something.

A known bug. Nothing you can do about it and nothing will be fixed because it is the old client.

Yes , i dont want to pay again just for the steam version
But i played and im at 1760 so i dont care anymore for the bug and i hope it wont happen again

You don’t have to pay again for the steam version. You can download the latest client from the Microsoft Store as well. Search again for Age of Empires in the Store. You should see the coloured icon version of the game.

This will put your version on the latest and with Crossplay you will be able to play both with Steam players as well as with Microsoft Store players.

I myself am running 3 clients (Store old and new version and steam version), because I paid for the Steam version out of free will when everybody was fed up with the download issues back then. Right now those download issues should be fixed.

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