I love AoE 4 but from 2019!


I do not lose hope that one day AoE 4 will look as it was shown to us from 2019.

Take a good look.

  • Better animation
    -Better graphics
  • Units are easier to read.
  • Arrows fly better
  • Burning torches look better
  • Better color of buildings
  • Better readability of buildings and units
    And more.
    This is a finished and cool game. (But only for 2019) God, what happened to the 2019 game !!!

I love AoE 4 from 2019!

Dear developers, return to the roots. You went in the right direction.


I would also like to ask someone who can put a vote here.
To insert who che AoE 4 from 2019 and who wants AoE 4 from 2021

Thanks for the help

What game do you like better
  • AoE4 from 2019
  • AoE4 from Stress Test

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I don’t think there’s a competition even. What’s shown in the trailer is stunning. The current iteration is super fun, I wish November was tomorrow, but what was shown in 2019 is just stunning.

P.S.: to clarify, I’ve no idea what gameplay was like in 2019. My comment’s exclusively about the graphics. Shaders, effects, shadows and image clarity are visibly different.


Too bad , its all about commercials , and marketing.Its not about us ;]


AOE 2019 and current version looks same, I think building scale is different, but we ain’t playing Anno, buildings in AOE are just symbolic.


I have voted for “2019” but to be honest I never played the “2019” game and I cant say what is better playable.

in my opinion just two things to be change that it is nearly the “2019”…

  • Zoom
  • better details of unit to make it much more readable.

as much i do like X019 graphics we cant do nothing about it now. There is no time to make the lighting and graphics simillar to X019.

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I’ve been playing AoE4 since 2017. I’m bound by an NDA and have zero interest in disclosing anybody else’s secrets.

But it’s no secret for me to say that players are completely off track to talk about some kind of 2019 version of this game as some other different version that had some kind measurably different components. I played the game and have no idea what “AoE4 from 2019” even means compared to the stress test version. There were some differences but none that anyone would really know anything about from that trailer back then.

The graphics were a bit different, and I suppose those differences speak for themselves. But I get the sense with some of these comments that people are inferring all sorts of other differences.

I’ve seen other comments in other threads implying the devs were somehow misrepresenting the game in that 2019 trailer. That’s nonsense. These are honest people doing their best.


I think what people mean is that they wished the graphics looked like they did in the 2019 trailer. Gameplay probably was basically the same


I think they’re referring only to graphic aspects and you said that graphic itself was a bit different. I pretty sure It was a bit more detailed than the actual version.

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I even doubt that, it is mostly the different coloring and scaling. In the trailer the units feel like 25% smaller than the stress test version and are detailed for exact that size. I mean just look how small the units seem when passing through the gate.

The TC chicken also don’t move there :smiley:

Stuff on the wall is probably scenario decoration.

Oh and the textures are different.



Honestly this.

To me, I think the only differences that I can really see is that maybe the color grading is a bit different, the arrows look pretty small and have an arrow tail to it. And lastly the English wall towers look completely different.

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I only see unit and building scales being different. The rest is extremely similar or identical. I liked the smaller units or bigger buildings (not sure exactly what got changed) of the 2019 trailer.

In fact, animations look rougher in the 2019 video, especially cavalry changing directions.

I think textures are the same , but shadows are not.

It is about the graphics, not the gameplay


I see no difference. Colors are the same.
The one is a concept render the other a finished game with necessary optimizations etc.
I still find it funny people think the trailers will in any way look like the finished product. This has never been the case for any game.

What I don’t like about aoe4, gameplay aside, are the washed out colors and the blur the entire game has. If you swap between aoe2 and aoe4 during streams it’s like if I watch through my glasses and without.
I assume this is what happens if you go RTS and 3D. doesn’t work due to performance issues. because otherwise why make it blurry.

What I think I dislike most are the trebuchets. They are sooo annoying. not only the rope and that swinging but more so the yellow workers.
I remember that one thread from this forum where everyone was harping on about worker ants to push the trebs. lol
very realistic. yellow contours. :rofl:

but who knows, maybe microsoft sees aoe4 as a testbed. or a community project

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Andy, ok.As you are playing Age4 for so long time.

What do you think about the zoom and the units? Yesterday I played Age2HD and the zoom feels a bit better and the units seems to have more details. Don’t get me wrong Age4 looks nice but units so often looks the same.


Of course, but it works together. :wink:


In one of the points he says that other things that he encountered like volumetric lighting (X019 lighting) and more!