I love water maps in quick match!

So, I queued up for a 2v2 quick match. It ended up on the Warring Isles. I chose French, naturally!
Barely 30 seconds into the match one of the enemy players resigned, followed soon after by the other enemy player, for quite an understandable reason!
After that, I got 800 worth of XP from “Complete Any”, “Win Any”, and “French Victory” daily quests, and unlocked the “Who Needs Infantry?” achievement all in one go!
Yes! Seriously! I love water maps in quick matches!!!

P.S. If there’s some sort of #NoFrenchOnWaterMaps campaign going on that I’m not aware of, please inform me!

French hulks will get nerfed next week so hopefully water games will improve.
For me one of the great points of the stress test was how good and fun water maps were, and they were also quote well balanced.
Now not only we have age2 hulk, but it seems that water battles are won by the player that can spin his ship faster rather than actual micro which makes naval battles look insanely ridiculous.

So spinning is not microing?

You can call that micro if you want, it still makes naval battles look really bad. Then again I don’t think this is how devs intended the attack ships to be used and its very likely they will tweak it on the next patch hopefully.

Trust me, I’m so happy that they are nerfing the hulk, but I wish it was the only problem. The hulk just solves the French problem on water maps, but there are many more issues they need to address, one of which you mentioned already.
I really hope they introduce some map voting mechanism soon.

I agree, if you have any suggestions don’t hesitate to bring them forward cuz the devs sometimes look into these forums, or at least they hinted that they did on the streams.
Naval combat has a lot of potential on this game, it probably needs a few tweaks here and there.
Maybe after the patch there will be more things changed on water that could make it more fun