I’m confused regarding the changes to the Incan villager cap being reduced by 9 in the March PUP

I’m confused regarding the changes to the Incan villager cap being reduced by 9. Is this for late game balance?

In terms of resources, Inca already gather less total resources compared to a euro civ like Russia in the late game (Please see math below) 8299.2(I) total resources vs 8542.5(R) per minute but if you take away 9 more villagers it will be reduced by a further 648 which equal out to 7651.2 total resources per minute.

On top of that if I want to use my community plaza with more than 10 priestesses and some llamas, which I have to, to compete with instant spawning Russian units I’m losing even more gather time.

Russia has faster producing units, a better economy, and now 210 pop without having to cram units into buildings. Hell while their units are called trash at least they’re cheap, Inca pays a premium for its paper soldiers. I get that more people like European civs then the rest of the civs but come on!

Can someone please find an error in my math or explain it in a way that makes me feel like Inca is not getting bent over.

Normally Inca can produce 99 villagers 12 kancha houses and 10 estates for their resource generation
Late game this equals out to 7128 food (99 vills on a farm which starts with a base gather rate of .5 food per second.

Farms are special because villagers don’t move at all while completing their gather animation compared to mills which is why mills have a higher starting gather rate of .67 food per second.

Anyways these farms can be upgraded 95% via direct upgrades and an additional 45% via 3 additional cards for a total of 140% or 1.2 food per second per gatherer. For this example we will be putting all 99 of our villagers on farms which will come out to 7128 food per minute

Kancha houses: Inca can build a total of 12 of these. At the start they produce .60 food per second but with 2 cards (chicha brewing and Autarky) we can get theses houses to produce .96 wood per second which is the most bang for our buck. So with 12 house we get 691.2 wood per minute

Estates: Inca can build a total of 10 of these, with their big button they can produce .8 coin per second so with those 10 we get 480 coin per minute. Estates cost 600 wood for Inca to build they don’t have access to the card Land grab which reduces the cost of estates by 40% turning them from 600 wood into 360. So Inca has two options pay 6000 wood to build 10 estates and pay 500 f 500w 500g to pay for the Big button coin trickle or pay 750 wood and 750 coin to enable builder travois to construct estates, this bb comes with 2 builders so at minimum you would need to send the card (inf x3 builder travois) 3 times or send (x5 builder travois) once and (inf x3 builder travois) and then pay 500 f 500w 500g to pay for the Big button coin trickle.

In total we can achieve 7128 food, 691.2 wood and 480 coin per minute of the game
8299.2 total resources per minute

Now let’s look at Russia

Russia can upgrade mills (and farms) an additional 95% via direct upgrades and an additional 60% via 4 additional cards for a total of 155% or 1.275 food per second per gatherer via a farm or 1.7085 food per second via a mill. For a fair comparison this test was conducted on farms not mills. All 99 villagers go on to this farm and gather 7573.5 food per minute ( please note that I did try this test on mills as well an averaged around 7200 per min so for all you euro mains who play team games if your ally is a native you can eke out a bit more food if you get them to make farms for you)

Russia also has 2 factories. These factories each produce at 7.15 wood per second double that because there are two of them and we get 14.3 wood per second or 858 wood per minute

Russia can also send a wood trickle card which equals out to 1.25 wood per second or 75 wood per minute

Russia can also make a salon which tickles coin at .6 coin per second or 36 coin per minute

In total we can achieve 7573.5 food, 933 wood and 36 coin per minute of the game

8542.5 total resources per minute


Yet again it seems unecessary nerfs are being made to inca, a civ which seems to be the target of nerfs every single patch. Native rush was completely killed, water booming has been significantly nerfed due to removal of schooners and several other nerfs.

If you just take 1v1 in to account you can actually remove the whole estate eco because nobody spends 6k wood on them but people do regularly send 2 factories so in 1v1 supremacy they’re in an even worse situation compared to russia or any other euro civ.
The removal of 9 villagers makes no sense even if they have kanchas, swede has torps and infinite blackberries card yet still gets 2 factories, germany can get 2 factories, 99 vills and 20 settler wagons etc etc.

I was also hoping they’d fix the huaraca situation so it can be effective anti-artillery but they seem content to leave inca with a culverin equivalent that gets countered and out ranged by falconets, even haud and aztec have good anti-artillery despite also being natives.