I’m really happy with this game

These forums are always toxic as hell, so I just wanted to throw this out here.

I’ve really been enjoying this game so far. This is my first AoE game, but I’ve played all the Blizzard RTSs (non-competitively) for the last couple decades. The campaign wasn’t as great as SC or WC3, but was enjoyable enough. And for some reason just farming masteries and learning the civs has been even more enjoyable.

RTS games can take years to evolve and improve. The game is missing a lot of features, but the core is just so enjoyable. I’m glad we have the game in its current in-progress state instead of having to wait even longer for the first big RTS since SC2.

I play lots of other games and genres, but I could understand how if you really grinded out only this game non-stop the balance and lack of ranked features would be frustrating.

Anyway TLDR: 13 years was along enough wait for the next big RTS, as a casual player this game is complete enough to be a great time


Nice to see someone saying something good and not just complaining about everything. You should try some of the other other AoE games. AoE three is really fun and has a much more laid back and casual player base. Welcome to the AoE community


I think the majority of people complaining do truly like the game or they wouldn’t bother seething months after release. They just want it to be even better as they can tell at its core it’s a great RTS. It is tiresome seeing the same negative circlejerk though.


Nothing is ever perfect in life, but every thing is perfect in their imperfection.

I do like playing age of empire 4, but i don’t like the majority of its content, that feal like self sabotage.

Maybe, i am too old in my 31 years.

Maybe i played too much quality game, that each mistake comme out too flashy, to my eyes.

Game is passable at most, but it could have been in greatness.

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AOE4 can be excellent after dev solve most of common problems listed by players here (bug, balance etc)

This depends on the speed players leave and dev work efficency.

I will not close my eyes to say a game is perfect under most players keep complaining several same issues.

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Agreed! The core is amazing. It’s incredibly fun.

In my experience, title-specific forums are always a little toxic, as, naturally, the only things debated are what needs fixing.

To be fair, I believe most people voice concerns regarding post-launch support. Which I think is reasonable, considering the promises made. There’s always that toxic minority, of course, but overall I’ve seen worse.


The Age IV core game is really amazing and fun to play and has many things to explore.


One would think, seeing all posts I make, that I hate this game

I actually do love it and am just upset that I know it could be SO much more, and it clearly wasn’t finished.


Yeah they are lmao , that is the only reason on why I’m still on this forums , to respond idiots . Not you though , I’m just chilling here.

Yeah it’s more of a casual RTS , not a competitive one , and some pros are pretty much mad about it.

That is the little thing that nobody understand now , this new generation want everything finished for them in the moment they want and the world is not like that , patience is key

Good thread btw


You see the irony here? A “toxic” environment isn’t the same as disliking the sentiment of an environment. Its instead mainly created by hostility expressed by users with different opinions to each other and often amplified by trending mechanics of the underlying social media platform.

Somehow it became a new buzzword to red flag non-positive contributions, ignoring the fact, that for example a hyping sub reddit, full of memes and praise, down voting any critical thoughts to invisibility, is as toxic as a sub full of hating.

Another half a year or year wouldn’t have hurt, though. My personal issue with games launching as betas these days is, that I like to be there from the start. Discovering stuff, trying out stuff, being surprised by stuff, that’s the most magical part of a games life cycle. So coming back when it’s fixed isn’t really an attractive solution for me, as by then, there’s probably everything figures out and people down to 600 elo play the active meta. It’s trimmed down to pure efficiency, which is OK.

Also, this probably isn’t the case for AoE4, but there is also the danger of a game dying. If you haven’t tried out DoW3 at the release, you will have a hard time finding a pvp experience a year later.

Atm, I struggle to leave the game behind me, as it’s quite fun and got me surprisingly hooked or to actually enjoy it without being regularly reminded that this game is basically early access. I mean, we can’t really talk about balance as there are so many bugs in the core game. Thus, I don’t see anything toxic in the fact, that they also get constantly reminded that their game isn’t working as intended, if it doesn’t go too far, of course. But that’s the minority here and easy ignorable.


MAN you joined here 2 years ago , I joined back on 2018 , see it on my profile , I know how are those forums and there are toxic threads and toxic comments with the only purpose of trolling , there are hundreds of these threads lmao.

His point was correct , the game will be updated until is finished like games nowadays , also the game already had a lot of pre-purchases so delaying the game would be a big problem to MS


You understand that people who find this game to be a laughable attempt of an AOE2 sucessor can co-exist with the casuals having a good time with it? Every single time someone opens up one of these threads they say it is to show appreciation for the game…but they ALWAYS have to throw in that little extra to mark their supposed superiority over the “haters” and “toxic trolls”. It’s nothing but ■■■■-waving.

Maybe get the other Age titles and test them. See where the “toxic” side is coming from. It will show you that this is just a mediocre product which would fail hard(er) and quick(er) if there was any competition. But as you say: There is none. Doesn’t mean everybody has to eat every bone that corpo throws you and be thankful for it.

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AoE4 is fun. AoE4 could be more fun with some extra fun’ctions.

This is the least toxic forum I’ve ever used.

The active players of Age games actually use it for discussions about Age games rather than it being an echo chamber or nostalgia net.


say it to aoe1 or reforged… nowadays.
keep propagandize that nowadays it’s Okay.
Because some AAA games did it.
Why are you doing it? trying persuade everyone that it’s Okay - No it’s not.


Obviously it’s not something that is well received but it is done by everyone nowadays bud.

That what I said *or I meant to say

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So on one side we, the consumers, are impatient little brats for wanting a finished product at launch? But also releasing games unfinished has become a “not well received” industry standard?
You have to make a choice at some point, bud. Is it one or the other? Are you implying it is good the way it is? Aren’t you shooting your own foot by accepting that?


As a player of every age since age 2, this is why I’m so disappointed

Are you kidding me? If this had received 13 years of development do you believe it’d be like this? This game got 3 years max and I’d be willing to bet on it.

Even more of a reason to cause backlash over this practice, just because everyone does it doesn’t make it right.


Complicated , I said that this new generation wants everything fast and when they want but I’d also said that the game released for good early.

I think , that I can say that they released it early and didn’t delay it because money and pre orders

What I tried to say : The game released early to save money as today standards and they will fix it over time . But yeah I’m shooting my foot.

Good catch , you got me in there. This is the statement I will keep btw:

they released it early and didn’t delay it because money and pre orders and they fill fix it over time , have patience

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may be people remember how games were done 10 years ago?
new generation. bud. omg.

in one you certainly right, money. give them money before christmas.

standart is drop to drop game, if money are taken.
as example: w3 reforged + aoe1 (which were promised to be upgraded but never done…) + dow3

patently wait until game will be dropped


You know that AOE2 players were waiting for this for 13 years and nearly pissed themselves when they announced the game… if that isn’t patience and dedication then what is?
Maybe you refer to the new gaming generation with a 3-second attention span. Not sure that’s the interest group of an AGE-style RTS game.

If you wanna stick around for that, it is down to your personal preference, willpower and prayers ^^
History is not on your side though (as @SugaryGraph1416 mentioned, corpo is quick in abandoning stuff once it stops printing money, and Relic has a special relationship to that practice).
If they wanted to establish this kind of ongoing relationship of a tester-playerbase, going early access would have been the right call. But they had to force people to spend initial 60-80€+ … greed > happy customers.

For their short term profit I’d agree that they did the right thing in releasing it before more people knew about it’s state. And before christmas and the holidays. But there is no gain for us gamers in their success: Shareholders will ask why that new RTS thing nose dived so badly after the initial interest. It’ll throw back the genre for another few years when it comes to AAA sponsering, and no Indie seems to like diving into such a complex style of game :unamused: