I miss the old style convert

I really miss having the ability to convert single units with monks. The abbasid have it… sort of. However, I would love to see it on all races.

For example, lets say a race has captured 3 relics. Why shouldnt they get the ability to convert enemies on their monks?

Being able to get conversions without the relics could still totally be an abbassid unique tech. I just think that its a shame HRE doesnt get conversions. :frowning:

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Hmmmm… I don’t. I think the conversions in aoe2 have to much randomness and are ineffective.

  • The time a monk needs to convert is random which means you have to rely on the RNG gods that your strategy works.
  • If you select multiple monks to convert an enemy unit all of them are exhausted (except you have the technology).

In Aoe4 you have

  • a fixed amount of conversion time
  • area around the monk

which makes it easier to balance.
In addition to that you can use the new conversion mechanic as a zoning tool which I think is really cool. Maybe you need to create space in order to protect your mangonels → threaten to use a monk with a relic.
Furthermore you don’t need to be a micro-god to use conversions efficiently which you had to be in aoe2.

I’m pretty sure that a clever implementation of single conversions would be doable but i don’t see how it would benefit the game.
In my opinion the new system is more consistent and rewarding. If you can convert an enemy army you can turn the tide of the battle, but it’s hard to pull of.
A single conversion won’t do that much, i.e. has no rewarding impact and has a 50/50 chance that the monk succeeds.

I prefer the AOE 4 style wololo. I absolutely hated the AOE 2 style of individual converts and never used it.

I think that boat has sailed, but they could at least tweak the existing mechanics.

Move the Abbasid conversion to castle age(with a longer wind up time possibly)

Change the standard conversion to an expanding ring, that sets off a second or 2 sooner.

Meaning you can get smaller conversions sooner, but larger armies have more time to escape. The current mechanic is literally a feast or famine game Ending mechanic in some cases. I don’t think that’s perfect design, and doesn’t fit the rest of the game, nothing else can swing a game that much.