I must congratulate Relic Games Part 2 (feedback)

-Add ctrl find keys. I want to find my armory, lumbercamp, mill, barracks, stable, mining camp directly with a ctrl find key. and I want the freedom to set my ctrl find keys to keys that I personally prefer. so finding an armory would be ctrl+r for me.

-Give an option to remove the Villager age building menus. I do not want to make an extra click (Q, W,E,R) first to make a building. Give me the option to map the buildings to what I want. I hate doing the extra click everytime I want to do something, I’m used to aom and aoeo where there are no building menus. Building menus to me are an ancient UI mechanic(And to many others as well) Give us the option to remove this extra click.

–Good job for adding a bit of an extra zoom. However when I zoom out on low graphics there is a lot of mist. Please give us the option / or remove the mist. I want more clarity on my screen when playing.

  • When my gold mine is on the south side of my towncenter, and my forest on the north side of my towncenter sometimes and have too much gold I want to switch villagers from gold to wood. This means the shortest walk time would be to garrinson my villagers inside my tc and eject them out towards my wood line to save on walking time. However when I succesfully garrinson my villagers inside my towncenter and try to eject them. They just stand idle next to the towncenter? Maybe there is a hotkey im not aware of to do this. But I just want my villagers to eject outside properly to the rallied point that I have chosen.

-Make win conditions take less up on the screen at the top right corner.

-I want to see the map after I have won or lost the game. There should be a button somewhere on the screen to go to post game stats if I want to. And Also a button to go back to viewing the map if I want to go from post game stats to the map again.

-Keeps are TOO STRONG on water maps. On archipelago I placed multiple keeps around my coast. And 20 age 4 ships could not destroy it. Even less so with villagers garrinsoned inside / repairing the keep.
Also I could not push my opponent’s single dock he had with 2 fighting ships. While I had 5 docks with 10 ships. Why? Because he had one castle or keep-like landmark behind the dock shooting arrows from massively far away. Some of the range on these keeps or castles are INSANE. Fix this please.
Games are extremely hard to end on archipelago if anyone builds keeps around the coast. (Yes you can unload transport ships with siege on the coast somewhere else, but what if the gold ran out?) Which brings me to my next point

-archipelago MAP SCREWS. I had one game where I had only one gold mine on my entire island!! My opponent had 3 to 4.

-Map balance in general. In aom there was this thing such as a “forward medium gold mine” meaning if the opponents gold mine is forward, you can tower it, or sit there with army and deny him gold and instantly win the game(for example with centaurs.) After years of gold abuse, the community made both player’s gold mine spawn FORWARD. So both players can abuse this, and not just one lucky player.
in aoe4 it seems like one player will have a forward gold mine, and the other player wont… please fix resource imbalances. Keep resource generation mirriored while maintaing the RANDOM aspect of the resource generation but within a CONSTRAINED area. This way itll still be random and different everytime but more balanced.

-Nerf walls & palisade walls. I personally do NOT want to see someone walling his entire base in with palisade walls stopping every rush possible.

-Unlimited? Towncenters in age 2. Bad idea. Aom and aoeo turned into a meta where early towncenters are the best strategy. They have optimized taking a 2nd towncenter so well that its not possible to stop. And they just make barely enough units to defend. aoe4 will turn into a similar game. I suggest making towncenters only available in age 3. As much as I like macroing and booming… You wont see much 1 tc full aggresive play(which will make watching the game more boring for twitch viewers if we dont have 1 tc aggro play.)

-Do not let the meta turn into an enchanced aoe2 meta where players are walled up completely with palisades and a 2nd towncenter. I already saw some competitive matches where a 1 tc player struggled and lost against a 2 tc player doing the same full cav strat. Im pretty sure we can just go quick 2nd tc with some spearmen + archers and walls in tactical places to make this the best strategy.

-Abbasids 50% food cost reduction on villagers = BAD BAD idea. just the -5 food relic for villagers in aom is already OP!! Make the villagers cost wood or something or add something unique…

  • I personally hate these "empower’ units that just stand there doing nothing. (Prelate, tax collector, and some others.) The prelate literally just stands there, he looks too much like villagers when I move my screen quickly. Both the villagers and prelates are big blobs of player colors. So I often missclick and include the prelate in my selection box. And this brings me to my next issue:

-When I have prelate /tax collector selected with my villagers. then it wont show me the building menu. Then I try to click on the villagers only in thje selecting menu in the UI, and it still wont let me build buildings… Please show the building options when i have prelate/tax collector selected with my villagers.

-Next issue: Tax collector goes IDLE a LOT… and again just stands there (doing nothing) its just one extra unit with no attack or nothing special about it walking around being annoying for my selection boxes to select units. And the MAIN PROBLEM with this is that the tax collector shows up as a idle villager. For someone like me that has idle villager hotkey binded to spacebar and taps it nonstop its super annoying. Itll go nonstop to the fat tax collector just standing there scratching his butt. And again also the same issue as with the prelate… his fully clothed in designer clothes and looks just like villagers at a quick glance. So I keep adding him in my selection box.

-Please remove these donothing stand there units like the prelate, tax collectors and others. Or make them empower the buildings like Pharaoh in aom. At least the pharaoh in aom has a cool animation and it wont block the building menu. And the pharaoh in aom has also other functions depending on the god im playing. can be turned into son of osiris, can be used to summon animals, can empower, can attack and be rushed with, can scout. Multiple USEFUL functions.
Prelate, tax collector = very little functions = boring unit = just standing there = bad design = please remove. :slight_smile:

-On top of that only 2 tax collectors can empower only militairy buildings? TBH i dont even know the unit is so buggy. Its vague and weird. If I dont get it,(that has played rts games his whole life) I think a lot of people will get confused with this that are new to rts games.

-In general I want to see more details on units(graphically & art style) and LESS players colors. They are too FULLY clothed in player colors. I cannot tell a camel archer apart from a camel rider. And I have this issue with a lot of units. Landsknecht? Might as well be a man at arms or a spearman at first glance. Less player colors!!! in most aoe games they just have a colored band around their biceps. and ankles. they do NOT need to the full gucci designer set.

-Do NOT include black forest and archipelago in the ranked map pool. These maps are MEME maps. For more original map ideas see age of mythology standard map pool(since aoe4 plays pretty similary to aom.) or see my own personal map pools: Steam Workshop::2015 Supremacy Map Set (super popular maps and well accepted by the community.) And this set: Steam Workshop::2017 mapset

-Animals, where is the animal diversity? Are you guys really gonna make the game this stale(with the deer icon on minimap and boar icon on minimap.) Only deers for the rest of the game’s lifespan? really???
Please add more animal diversity. Have the animals have different hps, armor, animations. Add animals based on the biome and location and theme of the map. Add caribous, bears, ducks, lions, zebras, giraffes, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, alpacas. The animal diversity feels very LAZY right now. Do not LIMIT the game this early. Thins willl get stale real fast. Ill give it one week before people are bored of the maps, if new maps with new interesting animals and ideas are not introduced. Adding new maps will be the easiest way to keep the game fresh, even more so than balance or adding new civs.

-Add day/night cycle (and option to disable it)

-I hope I can download replays and share them with others and upload them on discord / other sites.

-The civs feel kinda unique but not as unique as I had hoped to. Aom civs were way more unique than this. Egyptian uses only gold for buildings. Norse has mobile drop off pointes for resources, villagers can turn into ulfsarks(and infantry can only build.) Atlantean has no drop off points(whether its a good idea or not, you ask aoe3 players :joy: ) and each civ has COMPLETELY unique and different units besides villagers. Aoe4 shares so many units with each civ with only a few unique units… its a bit of a dissapoint to be honest. Cause im gonna see so many horsemen every game from each civ. They might as well just be the same civ :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I will add more feedback when I can think of more. Also where is the cool CGI trailer? Like aom had, and aoe2 had and aoe1 had. This documentary stuff is cool I guess and all but I personally wanted to see some amazing cgi game trailer as intro when I load the game, itll give off an athmopshere im indeed playing a MEDIEVAL game. Show us a trailer of crusades or something or mongols invading china.

The game is fun but there is a lot of things wrong with it unfortunately.I fear itll get stale too fast by how limited some things are.