I need 1 online game

Please, someone can help me? only remain 1 “conquer” to do a perfect game on Steam, and it is “Win a online game with ELO”.

im searched and waited several days to find one host, but never find.

can someone help me ? ^^

Para os BR’s… preciso de um jogo online (vencer) , para fazer a ultima conquista da STEAM, e ter o jogo perfeito la… alguem pode me ajudar ? … nunca acho nenhum jogo criado no lobby. AGE:DE


Did you manage it?

I could help if you have a time and day that fits us both.

hello my friend… yeah i did it… i found someone on STEAM community… but if you need to do the same conquer, i can help you.

o/ , and thank you to try to help me btw… ^^

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You’re welcome and thanks for the offer also, but no need for me.