I need an opinion [Ranked Game recording]

Hi, I’ve been playing aoe3de for almost 2000 hours :open_mouth:
My maximum ELO rating achieved is currently 1417 but the climb of the ranked ladder just gets steeper and steeper.

SO, I’d like the opinion of an expert from a game I won recently (Recording below)

I gave it my all to win this game, and I get that the opponent made a lot of mistakes, but what were my mistakes? What could I do to improve my strategy/micro in the ranked world? (Don’t tell me to spam italian gatlings from forts lol)

The one thing I know I messed up at was instantly losing 9 settlers, because I messed up the pathing trying to get them into the TC, running head first into a carolean mass. And also getting cornered at the edge of the map (I performed some Emu tactics to save my explorer tho hahah).

Responding against pressure (Ports vs Swedes).age3Yrec (8.4 MB)