I need this feature

I need this feature: when the lobby is created by multiple people online, the host does not participate in the game as a player, but as a spectator, the host can add AI and play as an AI.In this way, it will not occupy the limit of 8 players, and it will also allow players with similar levels of 4V4 to against AI.

Why does the host have to participate in the game as a player when it creates a lobby?
I need to join as an AI or watch the game as an observer.

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If you support my idea, please reply to support this post so that the game officials can see it.

It would be good for hosted events and the like.

Normally I’d say why would we need this if you can simply ask one of the players to host and join as a spectator (no need to unbalance teams by adding an AI, tbh).

However, since we still lack spec chat I think this feature would at least allow the host to see the chat and stream the game properly, so I guess there’s that

Regular spectators are 5 min’s behind normally as well. It would be good even just to ensure that the event is held real time.