I need to see these things in Age of Empires IV

I need to see these things in Age of Empires IV.:
I hope to see these things in Age of Empires IV:
It has the first three parts of the Age of Empires and some of the features of the Empire series.

  1. Introduce advanced game technology, such as global illumination tracking technology, with realistic picture effects. You can use the mouse wheel to zoom in and out like the Earth Empire, and finally reach a third-person perspective similar to the first person perspective.
  2. It has an architecture diagram similar to the upgrade of the whole-time arms that can be viewed after entering the game in Age of Empires 1, 2, allowing players to know the relationship between the arms and the route of the arms upgrade in the game. At the same time, there are cards in the Age of Empires 3 that can directly help the game from hometown cities.
  3. The number of teams with the same number of countries is at least 8 teams, not the only two teams in Age of Empires 3. At the same time, you can set whether to fix the team in the room before the game starts. If it is not fixed, you can change the diplomatic relationship as you like Empire Age 2 after entering the game.
  4. The patrol function in Age of Empires 2, and its upgraded version of the player can “paint” an area or route to patrol the game.
  5. I hope that the turret can be built infinitely.
  6. The game supports multiple languages, rather than only English and a few languages ​​like Age of Empires 3.
  7. Smarter computer players can cope with a variety of situations and add artificial intelligence technology to make computer players more human and intelligent.
  8. I hope that the background of the era is from the Age of Empires to the ancient Greek era until the First World War of the Age of Empires 3 or the Second World War or even the modern war, from the ancient times to the present era of the Empire, but in the game. Still five times. The first era can be ancient Greece, the second era is the Renaissance, the third era is the discovery of geography and colonial expansion, the fourth era is the two industrial revolutions (also the world war), and then the fifth It is still the age of the emperor, the background is the Second World War or the modern, or just the upgrade of the arms technology, there is no exact age.
    Finally, the most important point is to provide a more powerful and complete editor, at least to change the various attributes of the character, as well as his name.
    These are my visions for Age of Empires 4, and I hope that developers can see and adopt my advice.