I oficcialy retire of age of empires 3 DE, lots of bugs, cant play well

a couple of months has passed and still the same errors.

no record as image shows.

I was winning a hard match and suddenly, that message appeared.

im tired, couple of months has passed i loved the game, but its not an enyojable game anymore.

im not going to continue uploading logs, just create a tool please to send logs automatically if posible.

PD: see you on age of empires 4

So sorry to see you go buddy. Hoping you make a comeback. Game is definitely buggy. I would recommend taking a break I did it and I really loved it. When I ceme back to play I even love the game more. If you want to have a playable game you got to report all bugs and just be patient

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nah, i wouldnt get out of this forum reporting bugs, its a repetitive task that can be automatized

ive seen in other games that when a game crashed, you can send what were u doing and upload files by just pressing a button and typing in a squarebox to explain your problem, here i have to upload files on mediafire , and it takes so long.



its even difficult to report problems


It’s sad. I think you should wait some months to come back.

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A good time to return would probably in April next year, I believe it was in April this year when AoE 2 DE finally surpassed the HD version in terms of playability and players. If the devs keeps the same momentum as the previous games that’s it.


Sure. Find as many as you can, report as many as you can, and they will be fixed, sooner or later. This “beta” will finish some day.

i still play the game with friends, but after that crash on a 1vs1 ranked, i dont want to rank anymore