I played versus a guy that was new on the game

i have elo 1060 but come on, a guy who has elo 1000 and is his first game, why do i have to play with him? he was probably elo 1000 or less

for an elo rating system new players dont start at 0 you start at the averageish rating and then your rating is adjusted from there, not gonna bother with the full explanation see: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/1881310/elo-rating-system-start-value-when-players-can-join-the-game-constantly#:~:text=The%20starting%20value%20for%20Elo,the%20average%20player%20%3D%201000%20pts.&text=So%20the%20new%20player%20loses,skilled%20players%20gain%20%3D>%20inflation.

Most implementations just start new players at 1000 and their first few games will have a larger impact on their rating until they reach their true rating.