I quit AOE2 here's why: (Hope they fix it)

As of right now I have 850 hours. Honestly, it was a very fun game up until recently.

Here is my ELO: TheWayMan's profile - AoE2 Insights

As you can tell after patch things went south and I can’t win a game to save my life.

Most people will say “Well you suck get good” etc. But honestly, I am always top score almost double my teammates in 95% of my games.

The real issue isn’t really even “my teammates are bad” because sometimes I do get decent teammates.

The problem comes at the 10 min mark where about 8 times our of 10 someone on my team leaves after pausing(or they see 6 archers and lose all there vils lol). Then that is it, I have two options:

  1. Next game.
  2. Play it out and play 2v4 or 2v3.

Now the reason I say 2v4 is because when someone leaves on that side, the guy with him normally does or loses a 1v2 which is not his fault at all.

I have tried 2, so many times because I thought that well if the other team is really bad hopefully one of them will leave. But due to AoE2 complexity and how good hussar spam is I end up losing to a mass flood of something along those lines in a 2v4 situation. Of course more numbers is a simple win, nothing I can really do to out micro them or macro when they have sheer numbers over me.

Number one seems like my only real option in aoe2 ATM. If someone gets beat feudal age to a few archers and leaves I should just leave. No point in playing an hour long game (which I have too many times) just to lose.

So if my only real option is after 15 mins when someone sees 5 archers and loses all their vils or pause the game and someone leaves when they pause (I have no idea why this is so common), its just plane sad.

The only time I do get to play with 4v4 or 3v3 is uneven teams. I mean its crazy, 1800 2k solo on other team, my pocket is 900 solo thinks hes the best franks player in aoe2. This is just such an awful ranked system. How is it even possible to be that high solo and play vs me with a guy whos 900 solo? We lost from the start. I can only guess people can queue up with higher solos? I am unsure how this abuse is working. So moral of the story is I am done playing 1 and 2 bull crap. If my only option is to leave every game then I am done lol wtf even is that. In csgo this doesn’t happen because people get 7 day bans if they do that crap. The way teams games are right now is so toxic and bad I will never touch them until they are patched. I am so tired of losing games for no real reason besides people just leaving after the 5 min mark so they don’t get banned O_O?

Anyways hopefully a developer reads this or someone who works on AoE2 ladder as I cannot play anymore. Even when Rome DLC comes I am so excited to play it, I just can’t touch ladder.

Note: I am not that good of an aoe2 player, but when I double my teams score, clearly I don’t belong where I am, have dropped well over 20k ranks the past few months. Sorry I don’t have any suggestions as I am not sure how to fix it myself. But someone smart out there can comment below what they think can fix the huge problems with team games.

The game is mainly balanced around 1v1 arabia. Team games are virtually impossible to balance. Trade, smurfs, booming, and other things.

Personally, I like the old lobby system better back in the olden days. Could be a ranked, or non rank lobby.

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I’m on a long hiatus from the game because I don’t belong anywhere in the game. I’m not good enough to play against others, while the normal AI is too easy and the hard AI is too difficult. I pretty much only play it nowadays when a new expansion comes out, then ditch it afterwards.

Edit: Other than DLC, the only reason I have the game open nowadays is to watch Extreme AIs fighting each other for a series I have, which is now concluded.

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Seems a bit too large. Maybe you’re getting matched with players from one region where players commonly go afk or get disconnected. One particular day I matched with a few players with names in non-English characters (maybe Chinese), and two back to back games one player went afk or rage quit in under 20 mins in Hideout. I waited a while, banned Hideout and set preferred to Nomad and got matched with a different team.
Try switching times when you queue. Its also possible that you’re playing in a time where many of those players also queue up. Maybe a week later try playing in the evenings if you’ve been playing in the mornings or vice-versa.

This is quite an unfortunate stupid thing with matchmaking and instead of averaging out the elo, some other heuristic of balancing teams should be done. Personally I face this one out of 5 games. When the match is found, I check the ratings of my teammate (s). If the difference is more than + or - 300 elo, I alt+f4 as I know its not going to be a competitive game. During the 5 min ban, I spectate some 1800+ game or visit the forums like I’m currently doing.

Maybe try playing some lobby games if you’re frustrated with the matchmaking. If you join the discord of some top top players, there’s a big community and mostly you can find a bunch of players of your elo level. You can just create a lobby, invite and play with them.

DUDE…You have won so many games just in the past week. In fact you have more wins than losses in the first 2 pages of your profile. Most games are 30+ min as well. Stop faking and spreading negativity. I felt something was fishy when you said 8 out of 10 games players went afk and you lost. That’s just a blatant exaggeration. I think for 1500 1v1 elo, ur tg elo is abnormally low. You need to find a 1400+ partner, queue together and boost your tg elo to where it belongs (probably atleast 1400). Once you reach that you’ll be fine.


I agree, Don’t Quit you are a good player, maybe just take a break if you must, but Don’t Quit


Thank you all, but my stats show 19% winrate and 33% winrate right after the 5 min “you can leave now and won’t get punished” . Idk, I am moving on to CSGO and will revisit when DLC comes out but I doubt anything will change. Also idk how accurate that even is now, does anyone have a better site?

Is that not matches when the game ends in that zone? So for that to happen, you have to resign?

Team games in this game are pretty badly balanced, I’m sorry

I just stick to 1v1 because of that and you should as well, unless you’re playing with a friend

Dont say you dont belong anywhere, If you Like a Game you have a Spot in it.
Nobody is too bad too play against Others, you Just need to lose a couple of ranked Games before you get proper Matches but then its really fun.

If the hard ai is too hard, have you tryed beating it with the new “Handicap” function? You can Set it for yourself to 100% and If that works you can try again with a lower number until you get a satisfying Challenge

Edit: spelling
German autocorrect is annoying If you want to Type something in english


Thanks man. I appreciate that, and I’ll try doing that sometime once I get back in the flow.

I’m not sure the handicap feature existed when I stopped playing, and if it did, I never looked into it, but I definitely will after this.


You might have better luck playing with premade teams.
I have a friend and we are very close to your team empire wars rank so you could join us for some sometime.

I’ve also had fun on the lobby where you can make a lobby for the settings you want to play. Perhaps “4v4 Arabia 1000-1300 ELO” then kick players that don’t fit that profile. You don’t get rankings for it but you can have fun games.

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put in effort, find friends, make arranged teams, find the various discord channels and MP groups on reddit, and on aoezone

OR be lazy and blame the devs

a. play 1v1
b. play in arranged teams

Currently on hiatus because of the map voting system being changed and ruining the selection myself.

Sometimes when you get a good set of fun games (good opponents OR good allies) you can message them and add friends. then when you see them log on you get a notification. Message and ask to queue. if you find they’re consistently fun ask them for discord. works well.

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Every competitive game out there has this issue: Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Dota, you name it.

When you play with randoms, you’re going to get well… random players.

But it’s not really random, is it? Whenever I play a game I’m good at, I get teammed with bad players so I have to carry them. Whenever I play a game I’m bad at, I get carried.

This happened way too many times to be my competitive bias. Maybe each game has a value for your “true elo” as opposed to the elo it shows you and specifically ranks ‘below their elo’ players with ‘above their elo’ players.

It’s not Age of Empires 2, all competitive team games are like that.

Best thing to do? Simply play with a friend.

Or get to know someone you played with and play together. Play with people you know and you won’t ever have this issue ever again.