I really do enjoy playing this game, however

Being drop hacked is often enough to make me quit the game for the rest of the day. We definitely need a fix for that. I can endure the functionally retarded parts of the game and allies not understanding Eng/Es but golly, having a fun game be dropped takes the wind from my sail.

What does it take for you, as somebody that enjoys the game, to quit?


Does this happen in 1v1 or multiplayer 2v2+?

I’ve never had this happen to me. Knock on wood hopefully it doesn’t ever happen.

for some reason, aoe4 isnt fun or addictive enough for me. i was just getting started on aoe3de and really enjoyed playing it. i’ve heard a lot of players who have transitioned from aoe3de to aoe4 say that aoe4 is much more fun to play, but i have yet to experience it. maybe it’ll get better as i play more. but as of now, the more i play the more i miss aoe3.

its strange to see that the age series had historically been outstanding in terms of innovation, be it gameplay or graphics or somethings both. you can see it with aoe2, aom, aoe3 they were all years ahead of their time. with aoe4 it just feels a step back. i used to play aoeo as well while it was still being run by microsoft and it felt just repetitive as well.

what i am trying to say is that the magic of age of empires is gone with ensemble studios, now they are just trying to sell this formula without innovating anything or doing something new. they dont want their fanbase to die, and its not easy reviving a dead genre especially with younger audiences. i really hope the next age game they make is truly unique and fun to play and not just a reskinned old age game.

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It happens in any mode, but far less in 1 vs 1 than in 4 vs 4.

It isn’t as fun as any of my favorite games were when they were new, rather pathetic by comparison actually, it’s just better than the rest at the moment.

Anyway, on topic, I suppose it’s just the gameplay itself that puts you off.

The people that play it. Whether or not it is drop-hacking, rushing, weird requests and messages I see, it all falls down to the player. If I meet too many retards that feed on attention and bullying opponents I will get pissed enough to yeet myself outside that tumor filled place. It’s really ‘‘bleh’’ to deal with a community that is proud on filling their egos to the point of forgetting to have fun. I always quit games that involve horrible people or have addictive elements. I’m not even asking for chat censorship or whatever, I’m fine seeing bad words or whatever, but to have your little sandbox filled with people that kick your sandcastle and blame you for not being like them? That’s plain mental abuse that I will not stand by to watch or be part of. If they want to cut off each-others heads and say ‘‘it’s so fun’’ they can go ahead without me, I’m not afraid to move on despite the money I invested.

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There is no micro needed in battles so as soon as you have +3 units it is not worthwhile to move one low hp unit or lead the enemy run circles around you so you win the micro battle.

To me at least, i have discovered that all that micro-ing or ‘tracking/babysitting units’ makes the game more fun. Aoe4 seems oversimplified, they even let you auto-oprichnik box 100 knights so you just right click landmarks and yawn.

There are other things very good about aoe4, but the need for micro is not one of them. I was not a good aoe3 player (captain) but even I can just play lazily in aoe4 and right click army. I’ve rarely needed to split my army in 3 parts to single-shot or kite. In the beginning it felt like QoL improvements but it takes the fun away like Hera once said on his stream.

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