I Really Hope This Game Replaces AOE2: It's Just Better

but that doesnt mean is with aoe which not only takes account history lore but game design and mechanics behind.

and you need to stop people to talk about what they shall to do. I’ve worked at several world-wide recognisable IT companies.
if you a codder - just code, do not explain others how manage others. It’s not your job and never was. LOL.

on top of that, everything Sam said himself support my point of view - they play regulary, unlike your position:

…the comparison of regular developer with game level designer. is outrageous.
a cleaner shouldn’t play games either, of course it’s hard to argue. (hard to argue, but absolutely useless argument).

never argued against Sam or any dev. don’t come up with bs. My position is above you can reread it as many times as you want.


Then you need another “Definitive Edition”, I think.

nah, he actually portrayed the Tamerlane as a killer and annihilator-like person.
All that nonsense indicates he does not understand that period and history.
This clearly indicates he is a hater of other civs.
Now I know a lot.

Like I said, it’s not just Relic you attack, it’s any dev, even the legendary FE devs. Do what you want :man_shrugging:

So you want it to be like the other aoe games, but its bad they didn’t make it more like aoe2 then aoe3. Then it has stuff from 3. But it should be different. Then they didn’t add what you want lol

I play all age games, since the beginning. Im not a aoe fanboy like most people on this forum. More of a rts player. From warcraft, starcraft, empire earth, dark reign, armies of exigo, dow, c&c and problably every other rts made. Think aoe4 should have a lot of features that are missing from the other aoe games. I see good points in all age games including aom and aoe online. Gameplay wise I think aoe4 is the best aoe game. But its only 1/4 as good as it could be.

And Sam from the video seems like a good person. Just cause he doesnt play aoe. He is happy with the work he does and has a passion for it.

And with ROR i played the first mission. Pathfinding and how the units move around are crap. The graphics look real outdated aswell.

A aoe4 modder just showed this map his making. So much can be done with aoe4 the other games cant. Depends if microsoft wants to fully support it

That’s true…it sucks that broken games are released just because investors say the game has to be released at such and such a time…

That is true, who covers a lot little squeezes…

Yes, ultimately stopping support for this or that game is the devs’ decision and not the community’s…1 DE players never wanted the devs to stop supporting their game and yet they got the worst part of having to go through the box again to replay it properly with RoR on 2 DE…

I wouldn’t kill it prematurely… I’d give the game at least one more year to see what they bring out… the thing is that Relic is busy with CoH 3 and FE can’t cope with all the DE dlcs…

Yes, if the games are played, it’s because they have charisma and the players like it… how scary can a new game of remasters of 15 to 25-year-old games be?.. if that happens, it’s because you’re doing something wrong doing…

Yes, I think that AoE 4 has a lot of potential to surpass AoE 2, it just needs campaigns and scenarios where the unique mechanics of the game and of the civs in particular can be displayed…

I would need to play them to be able to comment on them…

Feels odd to me.
When you complain “why are they updating xxx feature while the game needs yyy feature” you’ll have waves of people teaching you “no there are different groups of people working on different things!”

But now you have someone ardently suggesting it is “unfair” for one game to receive “more” (ha) support than some other game, so they should cut on the former.
Where are those people?


And everyone has told him he’s wrong.

I didn’t read the 537 replies in this thread but I just wanna lean in here for a sec and say that AOE2 is a joke to me until they make the minimap actually show your Line of Sight.

Like seriously wtf is this:
bad minimap

It’s so much nicer having a minimap that actually tells you what you can or can’t see, at a glance.


been bringing this up for ages, and i agree, if its doable with capture age, then it has to be possible ingame too
also directly related, proven to be doable by xbox port, being able to see where you click on the minimap

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you mean explored POV should be shadowed?
cause in normal game you already have smth like:

anyway, AOE4 did great with POV of units, who cant see over the trees
in aoe2 - POV is super simple - units sees around, that’s it.
at least aoe2 have several minimap settings: settings: all, economy or military.
the Military one is GREAT in the late game.

probably even possible with mods. But i’ve first time hear about this frustration from anybody. either I get used to or cause “not-blocking line of sight” it’s not super important for many.

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Yes, I mean that areas that are explored but not currently in vision should be shadowed, like in AOE4 for instance:

Given that there is an enormous vision difference between an Outpost and a Knight, but both of those objects might be out in the middle of the map, it’s wonderful to be able to just clearly see where you do and don’t have vision, instead of having to infer/guess/remember how far your vision extends from any little dot on the map. I’d love to play AOE2 and build a bunch of outposts around the map and be able to look at the map and see my vision coverage clearly but instead there’s this big absence of immediate clarity because fog isn’t shown on the minimap. Keeping track of enemy movements is a big deal and not being able to see your LOS clearly on the map at a glance complicates it unnecessarily and is a big reason I put AOE2 “below” AOM/AOE4 in my head.


i got it.
but explored sight is insignificant in aoe2. Hills are already using another shade.
in aoe4 line of sight works differently, with all obstacles blocking vision.

May it can be done good, but I do not see what usefull information it will add while it certainly make current minimap more messy with colores.
but the main issue is hills, which highlighted with shades.
may be if it fully reworked into aoe4’s style with icons: boar, dears, Wolfs.

If you want feature - so be it.
I’ve just explain my imo and i’ve read it for the first time here.

They’ve been partly working on the minimap for the console version as it now actually displays small gold and stone icons instead of just dots + it also uses icons for boars:

If you look at that screenshot, you can see my vill being chased by the boar thus you can see a boar icon right behind the red dot on the minimap. I hope they implement that type of minimap for the PC verison as well.

To my knowlede you can also scale the size of the healthbars on the console version.


That is not true at all. You can only see enemy units passing where you actually have vision currently and the AoE2 minimal does not convey where that is.


Yes, just remember that it’s still a game from 1999, you can’t ask too much of it either…

Yes I agree…

Great, that’s good…

I could help make the best RTS game in history, but they rather add stupid DLC nobody wanted

I was disappointed in 4 at release but it’s improved quite a bit and now it’s my second favorite age game (3 will always be my favorite).

I’d like to see 4 get long-time support.

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I hope 4 does. Its really not a bad game