I really Hope to see more balance changes and support from microsoft

I saw the balance changes and they are awful.

When you see that Franks manage to have a 61% win rate and Khmers only 34%


Microsoft has to nerf high win rate civs and buff low win rate civs to see more diversity in game.

Those below should be buffed :

| Saracens|40.99%|
| Vietnamese|40.47%|
| Khmer|36.40%|

Moreover there are some things that seem illogic.

Spain and Portugal were the most powerful kingdoms in the end of the middle ages. Portuguese having the best Artillery and Navy in the world until the end of middle ages to a point when even spain had to use portuguese ships for their military campaigns.

Those two civlisations if we want it be historically accurate should be the most powerfull late game cvilisations in the game. Which is really not the case. They were the most technologically advanced civlizations in the late middle ages. I don’t understand why you nerfed so hardly organ guns and other portuguese techs when some civs are sitting at a mere 60% win rate ?

Well going back to the main subject i hope that more balance changes are coming to help the game to have a more diverse pool in turnaments. Each cvilization should have to be a good option and have chances to be picked and played in a tournament !

Please use your Nerf hammer for high win rate civs and buff low win rate civs !

This game is not about being deeply faithful in the historic side plus they’ve already made statements regarding balance to a civilization like khmer in interviews and why they dont want to rush in and make changes and they were pretty understandable reasons.

I say before we do any drastic civilization changes, let the game officially release first and lets see how things go for a while.

I agree however a lot of new players coming from other games will come to AoE and they will expect the game to balanced. I have friends which play starcraft and never played aoe 2 which will join with DE. In their expectations balance is a thing. There are some civs which are always a must go in 1v1 pro play like franks mayans etc… Some which are almost never picked like khmer and portuguese. That shouldn’t be the case. For example im okay that portuguese should be a water oriented civ but then why do koreans and viking are water oriented too but do better on land than ports ? some things don’t make sense.

They did a good job and DE seems amazing but they will really need to nerf some civs and buffing others if they expect the game to take a good turn for a potential worldwide e-sports trend coming in.

What you’re asking for is pretty impossible if I were to be more honest. When civilizations are split into 1v1 strengths , team strengths , land and finally water , and within those there’s even more sub-categories , good siege , good monks , good cavarly , good archers , mixes , economy orriented , trash spammers , you’re never going to have a perfect balance and currently if we ignore understanding the new 4 civilizations better , the game is pretty well balanced. Age of empires 2 got revived based on amazing variety first and foremost , not its over-the-top insane balance. Balance is important! But if you over-do it you basically end up making all civilizations feel the same.

Lastly your friends and other members from RTS games should have an open mindset, knowing that they are not playing Starcraft or their previous RTS game , and that its obvious that there’s a learning curve and research to be done in order to compete, within that research you learn what’s commonly favored , what’s least picked and you form a good idea with experience and hindsight. Another point is that those games they come from have it easier despite their complexities when it comes to balance, (not saying they dont have their complexeties, ofcourse they have plenty of them , but they dont have 25+ Civs or the equivilant of that form , be it a race or a faction.)

But i do hear you, I think its fair that we all should expect the bare minimum that if we constantly see a civilization underperform everywhere , it should receive a buff and where we see an outstanding performance for another civilization , we should be looking at how we can make it more fair.