I really like the choice they made for Age of Empires 4!

Watching the videos already posted on the Age of Empires Youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/ageofempires . It’s very interesting to see how Age of Empires 4 is based on AoE 2, with many other features from all Age of Empires, it looks good, it can unite the whole Age community !!!



Yes, the community is getting closer together.

But, it also come whit great friction and intense debate of passion.

People fear any change and fear losing what they have.

But, deep down, people want change, to have the best game.

We are happy to have those developper team, that are the best at what they do.

I wont be able to do a fraction of what they are doing.

Just ignore our complaining and wining, we don’t know how to behave, when something tuch our heart.

but take what can be usefull for the game and inovate whit no fear.

Have a nice day all.


Well my comp probably cant run it so probably a pass from me. Does 8 GB ram run it?

Plus the cartoony aoe3 graphics is not my cup of tea

I was able to run it whit 4 ram of space, in beta. Can’t say about the actual game, when it comme out.

Age of Empires IV is mostly based on Age of Empires IV, with some features borrowed from other games in the series and at the same time with some ideas and approaches to certain design aspects that are new to the series.
I think when recommending this game to somebody it’s best to restrain from jumping to ‘it’s like XYZ installment’, because the only clear and indisputable element is most likely period setting, shared with Age of Kings. After that- rather vague ‘aoe’ gameplay mainframe.

It’s definitely trying to do its own thing and I’m convinced it’s healthier for the community and better for the game (and less stressful for developers) to approach this one without the baggage of more than two decades of AoE experience and judge the final package for what it’s trying to do.
Trying to please somebody that played AoE games for 24 year is hard enough. Plus devs have troubled recent history, plus whatever might be going inside the team both their and at Microsoft, plus covid that influenced large chunk of dev time…

At the very least it will turn out as much-needed refreshment after more than a decade of re-releasing and updating older games.
If Developers are really willing to listen and gather ideas and feedback it will eventually become a great game :slight_smile:


I am actually really excited for the game. I already preordered. It looks like fun. I just we could see how more of the eco worked. Are they going to add more civs next year?


I play the beta and I like the game. I want to medieval game with new graphics and age of 4 is definitly for us like me. I agree some of points of community but I believe that devs will give support to the game after release so there is no point to give bad ratings to the game after all no body play the final version of the game. :slight_smile:


I don’t see great evolutions(but just some). To me (that i’ve not played the beta, so my opinion is just based on the videos), over 95% of the features are taken from previous rts (especcialy aoe2-aoe3 obviously).