I report bugs, defects


A. The gates cannot be closed when I put the close button. The gates remain open.

B. The indicator does not work properly. I have a selected villager and I want to hide him in a building (main, tower, castle).
Sometimes the pointer appears and sometimes it doesn’t
The indicator of the exit from the buildings is confusing, I would highlight it how many villagers are hidden.

C. It doesn’t work properly as soldiers go to the walls. They do not enter the door in the wall at all, but jump straight from the ground onto the walls. That’s awful.

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As for B, as far as I know it works as follows: when chosen villagers have resources on them, the indicator is for dropping off resources. Otherwise it becomes for garrisoning. For consistent action we have to use (auto)garrison command.

thats exactly what i did described in my post , here are some solutions for the problem :

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