I say it again NERF INF ZOUAVES

That card is OP as hell in treaty, where XP earning is not a problem

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eu concordo e muito chato jogar contra estados unidos !!!

Agree! I think they should also increase the cost every time as well as the number of Zouaves.

For every new Zouave, 400 coin extra.

Will that kill the card?

It should have a limit for zouaves per shipment. Currently they can get 300pop sending it with 199/200pop, having tons of canons. Also Zouaves are good vs everything. Who had that brilliant idea??

Anything that does not have an upper limit, should have an upper limit.
Including but limited to: infinite zouave, maya holcan build maximum, south african speed bonus.
Yes it’s hard to reach but still possible.


How much do they cost Hausa to train if the Morrocan ally option is chosen?

300 de influencia, y estos solo tienen un daño de 38 y no poseen bonus alguno y encima valen 3 de pop

The issue is the USA card, not the unit itself

They should just remove the scaling and make zouaves 2 pop again. Zouaves are useless for every other civ cuz of that 3 pop cost but specifically USA with this card makes them broken.


eso es verdad! dime con hausa cuando te vas con las morroquies, que vas ha hacer zuavos o maigadi? creo que la respuesta es más que simple

This havent been touched past after patch while the card is an autowin. At least Gendarmes spam was draining on TAD…