I think it would be great if empire three had voice

If there is a voice function, you can work perfectly with your teammates


At the least, (if using such an idea):
You’d need a voice ’filter’ or atleast a button to negate/allow non-allied speach. And a mute option.
If people can be foul in chat, they are typically 10x worse on voice channels.

I like the idea though.

Alternate method

Otherwise, there is the chat-system ’Discord’.


Great idea!
I think it’ll be a massive assist for online matchmaking to be able to communicate with teammates while using your hands to build a fort behind your opponents’ windmills.

I’ve always played on a private voice client with friends.
Probably why I haven’t heard/thought of this idea before.

When I read “voice filter”, my mind jumped to a voice changer that makes you sound like your explorer :smirk: