I think it's a cooperative campaign

It’s too easy for two
One more difficulty should be added
Even cheating AI
I think two people can be more stressed
Can better cooperation and communication

It’s supposed to be casual fun. There’s standard RM for stressful gameplay already.


i think harder difficulties could be tuned up maybe a little bit, but PvE content isn’t supposed to be “Stressful”.

I think Custom Campaigns are enough ones for “stressful” ones. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

So, let’s wait for Custom Campaign authors to make insane, agonizing, stressful, and disgusting coop campaigns that require you to memorize a certain strategy to win scenarios.


I don’t think the OP meant stressfull as in unpleasant, he just meant he wants something more challenging.

So far I could test by myself Honfoglalas and Kurikara.
Honfoglalas is kind of bugged, basically in the normal version of the scenario you must kill the orange faction to get to castle age and deafeating one of the main 3 factions (yellow/red/green) unlocks imperial age. But in coop if you kill one of those 3 before orange it messes up with age up and you can’t go imp and might have to randomly pay for castle age. But it doesn’t make the scenario harder because the red enemy is nerfed to not go imperial age anymore and to train less army. Green looked quite weakened too.

Kurikara on the contrary is somewhat tougher than the SP version. Your initial army is quite small and you’re met with a similar force from the AI, player 1 has archers and infantry to use to kill enemy infantry while player 2 must use his cavalry to kill the scorpions and archers that threaten player 1. Then once you get your cities the enemy attacks are stronger than in the SP version. However there is a problem: player 2 starts with heavy cavalry archer and cavalier researched in castle age. On top of that both players have all castle age blacksmith upgrades instead of just feudal age ones, so it means even though you are being attacked more you can kill enemy waves more easily. It’s maybe not a good idea to give the players all these goodies when playing on hard difficulty.

I took a peek at other scenarios, Bapheus seems easier than normal since it’s played the exact same except it’s with 2 players, Tours looks interesting because one player starts with the city but without army while player 2 only has a small base but has a big army so this one requires more coordination, while in Hastings they increased the amount of enemy troops and even added another enemy faction.

In the end it looks like the difficulty of the Hard settings could use some polishing, and I suppose a fourth difficulty setting can’t hurt, since some people could be interested into that.


sorry,I mean it’s challenging

sor i mean is Challenging