I think its time that consulates are re-evaluated more closely

I know asian dynasties wasn’t made by ensemble studios and was to put it mildly: not very good, offensive stereotypes aside.

the consulate was a great idea but poorly implemented. We got a better version in the African Kingdoms with influence and alliances.

But just fixing the balance seems a little weak.

How about actually giving the whole system a overhaul and re-thinking some of the alliances and maybe including some of the new civs from DE.


I’d love an overhaul on that system.

I would also be keen for Euro civs to get a minor version (Diplomatic Center) where they can ship in auxiliary units from their empires at the time from the building, though with cold hard Coin in lieu of Export.

The Europeans don’t need a new building for this. It could easily be covered by the Embassy and Capitol.

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I like this. The African civs are a good comparison.

I would also add Malta as an example with their “many tongues”. You can basically cosplay as a different civ and no one seems to have issue with it. If there were more options to invest through cards in something similar for a player that might look to do something like that, that would be welcomed.

The new India card Foreign trading companies could be buffed to this extent.
Here is an old post with a full analysis and some suggestions. As you will see, it is pretty silly how expensive it is to buy units right now. I think they should be more expensive than their vanilla counterparts of course, but not to this extent.

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I think this is fair enough.

If we’re to take the African Civs as an analogue

All three civs should be allowed to get an armoury and church (or Mosque whatever)., and they should allowed to be rebuilt.

What’s offered should reflect what the allied civ actually has: Like dutch Musketeers, Dutch normally can’t have musketeers.
Also try to be at least partially historic; It was the Spanish that brought chistianity to japan not the dutch so Why do we have dutch churches? It eventually came to pass that japan refused to trade with european countries except the netherlands because they were less than pleased with the religous pushing
Giving an armory to india via consulate will stop the need for the royal green jackets card, and allow rangers to be renamed