I think it's time to add a nightmare AI to the AI

As the title says, the current AI’s attack frequency is not high and often starts to retreat halfway through, letting your army attack. Even if the handicap of 60% is turned on, AI still has a low desire to attack. Hope to add a “nightmare difficulty” AI in the future. Let’s be more challenging. (This can also be used as a challenge event, after all, there are currently only Ottoman cannons for the challenge event.)
Ps:This nightmare robot was inspired by the Doom bots from league of legends.


Yes, please. I love unfair challenges outside of competitive multiplayer. Give us nightmare AI, devs, or even better, nightmare scenarios. I want to rack my brain to figure out original solutions to ridiculous new original challenges.


I’d say first give the AI some abilities that it doesn’t have now, including:

  1. Deleting fishing boats that it no longer needs. And not making boats when there are no fish left.

  2. Italy building and using lombards.

  3. Malta building fixed guns, and depots.

  4. Using the market more efficiently.

  5. Better fighting and retreating. Its kinda okay now but can be improved for sure.

  6. Better building placement. India AI doesnt build rice paddies near Karni Mata.

Actually I think the AI needs something more “measured” let’s say: If you play a game from Sandbox level to Moderate level there is not much difference. At the Hard level it goes up a little and at the Expert level there is a reasonable difference. If there was a way to measure the potential of the AI at each level and better distribute the degree of challenge I think it would be better than just fitting one more level into the AI.


One of the big problems with the AI is that the main difference between difficulty levels seems to be resource income. This can make dealing with some enemies far more annoying than others, but they tend to blow it all on one or two attacks, unless they are Dutch. They also tend to do stupid, ineffectual stuff, like trying to raid with only their explorer (when what they should be doing is gathering treasures).

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Make Ai can build wall in treaty.


there was a period where the AI was super aggressive and would basically be a marathon of non stop fights.

I think they have sort of tone tat down too much and made it too greedy.

also AI has to learn to delete fishing boats on hybrid maps, right now they have the problem of over booming on water and then having less army

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EDIT: sorry I replied to the wrong person/post :sweat_smile:

This reminds me of an idea that I had for quite some time now. It goes like this:

  • Sandbox: the AI is doing random nonsense, like a full newbie who has never played RTS games (or, at least, never played AOE3)
  • Easy: the AI understands that it needs soldiers and settlers, and tends to turtle (in my experience, I used to turtle a lot during my early days in Age3 legacy, and I simply commanded my ally AIs to attack the enemies). Also, they use one of the default decks.
  • Medium: the AI understands the importance of settlers and upgrades/technologies, and they customize their decks, but still doesn’t have a clear plan or strategy. They’re trying to use unit counters, they’re more aggressive with ships, they’re trying to transport units, etc.
  • Hard: the AI uses some of the most popular build orders in multiplayer games. It also uses “unit counters” more effectively than the medium level.
  • Expert: it’s like the hard level, but with some tactics and micromanagement (like kiting). I’m okay with handicap and cheats (apart from maphack).

But that’s a lot of work compared to something like 8 lines of code that adjust the AI’s handicap depending on the chosen difficulty :weary: so I just scratched this whole idea, lol. If there’s some AI programmer/modder who’s reading this and is intending to implement a similar idea, I’mma get so hype, lol!


I can hardly with the AI in hard and you want to put a nightmare difficulty xd?? …

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That’s fine with me… such as the difficulty types of aoe 2 and aoe 4…

I like your ideas. AIs adapting to the civ meta according to their difficulty level sounds like fun.
It’d be great to have stronger and more aggressive bots.


we do want to becareful with AI micro, the AI used to micro with near perfect damage splits and it was kinda terrifying to play against

We should have that back tbh.

Hardest and Extreme is for this kind of AI

the problem is that it kinda made the only viable composition against them to be cannons since their skirm goon comp was kinda unkillable by other units which just incentivized turlting

they can be made to be more aggressive without that level of micro

the problem now is that the much prefer to boom and only attack if they have a clear eco advantage, and then they tend to overboom.

you can tell this because when there is a weak player on the team, the AI attacks much earlier then if the are of roughly ok level and all have eco and units, they will w8 for a larger timing.

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Personally I think this AI is kinda messed up.
The moderate difficult is actually Easy and the hard is a bit harder compared to AD considering that has 2 harder difficulties too.
Also I noted that AI is doing some weird things like move herd on you like they intend to attack you with them and yesterday playing with AI we started with a Dock Wagon and AI sent it to a gold mine, and by the wagon actions it was like he was clicking on the mine all the time. :thinking:

The huge majority of AbstractWagon are also AbstractVillager. Devs are using AbstractVillager to gather resources, without checking whether they’re able to do that or not. At least that’s how I interpret behavior such as the AI trying to use the Hunter unit to chop trees even though the mod doesn’t allow hunters to do that, or other behavior like using dock wagons to mine. I think it should be easy to fix, assuming that they’re aware of it.

Personally, and I know that I’m the only one who’s feeling this way, I find myself bored pretty quickly once I understand the AI’s pattern, even when it’s hard to beat. Actually it feels more like a chore than a challenge. “Damn this bot is so resilient I gotta beat it at all costs”, that’s the feeling I have. But whenever they do something I didn’t expect, provided that it’s a good move rather than a super stupid one, it sparks a smile — from that moment, it doesn’t matter anymore if I win or lose. I feel like the AI doesn’t use the full extent of AOE3’s gameplay, if that makes sense.


Might be unrelated but the wagon remember the Coin monasteries,

maybe an error of order?

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I think it’s something like this…
yesterday I played an unknown map and we had a fixed gun wagon (big cannon) and instead of using it and putting it on the map the AI ​​took it along with a troop to attack as if it were a normal cannon.
I’ll look for a way to report this bugs.