I think it's unacceptable how easy it is to cheese the campaigns (walls)

It seems as if walls makes the enemy AI just pile up around them, making easy targets for your castles, towers, and archers. They don’t attack the walls at all (so far during my playthrough). How can such a crucial defensive tool render the difficulty useless? I have heard some missions (like Saladin 6) have the AI attack your walls, but it seems to be the exception, not the norm.

Honestly I am mind blown that something as basic as walls ruins the whole experience. The alternative is to simply not use walls. But then you’d just open up to getting raided. And it feels like adapting your playstyle because of silly limitations isn’t the answer. Let’s change this, shall we?

When playing I didn’t see such things happening. They do spend more time on the wall than a human player would but they will get in and they will attack. If you want an alternative tho what about walling with houses? I’m pretty much sure te AI always attack normal buildings.

I have played some on the Barbarossa campaigns so far. Try going to the first mission and just put down palissade walls on “hard”. You’ll see that nothing happens. But if it does, then I assume it is inconsistent even on a game to game basis, not just between different campaigns. But really it shouldn’t be like this for any mission, right? I don’t like not knowing if walls will be overpowered or not.

I read that the AI for campaigns is scripted, so maybe that’s why? Surely they could rescript it and just enable wall-attacking AI.

You’re right on this one, it should be more consistent. Plus the whole point of Barbarossa 1 is that the player is surrounded by enemies so it sounds meh that they give up so easily.

I just tested it out once again, and to my surprise, they actually attacked the wall. But then I noticed it was because it was a bit too far away from the rest of my base. If the walls are within a castle’s reach, then the AI start clumping up again. It is as if they prioritize the castle over the wall. This should be a simple fix!

Posting this in the bug section!

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