I think the Hardest AI is bugged

I really think the hardest AI is completely bugged and not working at the moment.
I remember 1-2 years ago, playing against Hard (not hardest) AI and it was a bit challenging.

Now i’m playing against 2 Hardest AI and they basically don’t do anything.
I thought Hardest AI was supposed to be the “Smartest AI” without any cheat.

I know AI are hard to make and they can never win a good player, but at the moment it’s not just bad, its literally not making any unit.

Just played against 2 Hardest AI. (I think it’s called The Three Crowns scenario). And 22 minute into the game they basically had no army. I could just go in their base and destroy everything with no ram and no siege. Just my units.

I saw villager going back and forth to the middle, building a mining camp and then leaving, and doing that the whole game. I really think there is a bug with it as it’s not working. I have no mod enabled.

Red make 0 military the whole game:

And they had no villagers.

Im on windows 11 and i7 cpu 12 gen.
Nvidia rtx 3070
32 ram memory.

it’s really good desktop pc, i do not have any crash or graphics issue with the game.

This is the only major bug i encountered.

Other AI, like hard, are actually doing something.

Even the absurd ai is doing stuff.

Seems like only hardest doesn’t work but i haven’t tried ridiculous.

I experienced the same problem… sometimes hardest a.i. built a tons of lumber camp, and 0 military unit. This happened me twice.
To be honest, because of this, i wont pre-order OR buy the new expansion until this will be be fixed.

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