I think units should move direction we order despite there is a wall before the ordered point

when we click to move our army on the minimap and we have not explored yet that part. Units act as if they know what is there, they take a route to reach there even though we dont see what is there.
That gives us info about if there is a wall or something obstructing the straight way, because units instead of taking the straight way they take a longer way and another direction.
I think this is wrong because we get info about walls taht are on minimap without even see them.
And because army moves to we dont want.
For example:

on this video if i order to move them beyond the wall they will take other route to reach there (but im not seeing a wall, i dont know that there is a wall there, until my units move opposite direction that i ordered). What i think should happen is that units should move where we ordered independently of there is a wall before and only until they find that there is a wall by seeing it, they should stop moving or even searching another route.

This makes the game more realistic and make us lose less units, because sometimes we order something but if there is a wall they take another route that we didnt want and army can be killed like on the video.

this will help a lot to dont lose units by just a click on multiplayer, and to make walls not detected by just cliking on minimap