I thought the Quick Play would let me have maximum freedom to customize the map pool

So the Quick Play is just another unranked ranked queue? :unamused:
And the map pool is as crap as usual.
Big disappointment…!!

p.s. the new BR mode is boring.

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We still have normal lobbies. Quick Play just for standart games which you couldn’t found and any lobby.

Host a custom game… or find a custom game.

Lots of player wish to play standard games. That’s the whole point of the new feature. I personally like playing non standard games, but lots of player still do like to play standard games.

Normal Lobbies exist

Not the only game mode around though

Quick play is a failure. I already expected this when they announced this game mode…

It is just ranked, but with match making that isnt based on skill… I already stopped counting the number of threads made today about this subject…

If the matchmaking goes based on TG/1v1 ELO, what would be the difference between this and ranked though?

No psychological damage of your rank going lower and lower if you are a bad player? Less stress since your rank does not get awful.

Clearly, there isnt. So quick play will only split the player base, which is bad for everyone. No one really seems to benefit from quick play. There might be an exception for EW and BR players, but those modes could also be integrated into ranked if needed.

Rank is just a number, i would say… A bad player playing Quick play will get beaten over and over again. Image you are a 600 elo player and you will only play against 1000+ elo players. Would you enjoy such games? In ranked you will be matched against other 600 elo players. So i dont really see any benefit for bad players in playing quick play.

Then what is the purpose of unraked ELOs though

I get that they are not reliable, but if they are gonna get increased/decreased based on your loss and wins, what would be the use of it if it’s never gonna get used?

How does it split the playerbase?

It’s just an unranked MM

You have to lose many… many games before you get to reach awful player list. That is quite disheartening.

Clearly, there isnt. So quick play will only split the player base,

I don’t think it will split the player base much at all. Since lots of players play both ranked and non ranked.

Then you change the example to a 800 elo player that mostly plays much higher rated players, so he will kept being whiped over and over again. Instead of getting whiped, you can also play ranked and play against equally skilled players.

I have no idea why some not so good players wants to prefer unbalanced games in quick play over ranked. If it is only the name, then just change the name of ranked to quick play and just delete the current quick play options. If they want, they also could add BR and EW to the ladder, so matching is based on skill.

Before you had to choice between Lobby and Ranked to get into a MP game. Now there will be players from Lobby and ranked who starts playing in Quick play. So each different way ends up with less players in the end.

Standard unraked games will probably be played in the Quick Play

The rest will stay in lobby

Initially my thought is it seems like quick play will be good for special modes like BR and Empire Wars, if you dont want to sit and wait for a lobby to fill. probably not a go to for standard games, though I may use it for team games with friends since I’m at a much different level from them. For standard single player I may use quick play to goof around with new strats or have warm up games. ELO is just a number, but when I hit the ladder I want to play competitive games, and when my ELO drops because of trying new stuff then I have less competitive games for a bit.

The custom lobby is very bad…
You have to wait for hours if you don’t host popular maps like BF or Ara.

I thought this new mode is meant to solve this problem, also to provide a place for people who only want to play one map to quickly get a game. What I expect is I just need to set a list of maps I want to play and this new mode will automatically feed the games meeting my requirement without waiting for hours in a lobby room, although it is unranked.

Now this new mode is just another unranked ranked queue?
So what is the point of this new mode when we already have a ranked queue?
They waste time and manpower to invest the useless thing like this to celebrate the anniversary?
And that boring BR mode, seriously?

The dev team needs to fire the planner who proposed these silly ideas.

I agree the quick play must have unlimited bans, and maybe more maps.

no the rest of whining like asking to fire people, or saying the BR is boring.

I don’t care BR at all. Good for people who love custom scenarios.

Just a big dissapointment to the Random map part.