I want a few new scenarios for water maps in The Art of War

In The Art of War campaign, we can play land maps for early economy for rising to Feudal Age and to Castle Age. These are very helpful for those who want to learn basic skills for multiplay.

However, there’re no scenarios for water maps like Rivers, Budapest, Four Lakes, Islands, etc.

I heard that economy activity in such maps is fairly different from land maps. So, I think it’s a good idea to add new scenarios for water maps in The Art of War. Of course, one scenario should include interrupting with Fire Galleys.


There’s not much about competitive MP water map games. But what i think an art of war scenario about this could teach is: fishing, protecting fishing ships, coastal defense (towers), and water rushes. It would be a feudal age scenario
Though, as i said, you don’t see these situations very often

Any time you play a water map.

Learning the 5-woodchoppers fast feudal water build made a huge difference to me personally. A senario to show how to use demos might also be useful to me.
A lot of players at my level can’t play water at all, they end up giving up water completely and trying to make a comeback with Turtle Ships. Dies hard to fires + demo’s…

The only early pure water strategy is a fire galley opening. This could be similar to the scenario where you are asked to kill vills. Just use fires to kill fishing ships…

We need some tutorial of build order on standard hybrid/water maps like Coastal, Pacific islands, Golden swamp and River.

But some irregular maps like Budapest should be excluded from the standard map category. It is impossible to make tutorials for all maps with extreme start condition.