I want the Dev/Balance team to play Delhi on a stream and show us our "other options!"

While they are at it, can they show the data that they are interpreting? The data that showed that Delhi are a more one-sided civ than english or french. I didn’t mention Mongols because Mongols have quite the variety of ways to ream you in the butt. If only every team had multiple options . . . hmmm.

The imbalance of this game is unbelievably frustrating. I know it’s been repeated time and time again, but I am still not sure that, they (the developers), get it. So for emphasis, I want to keep repeating it.

There was a post that said, “THIS IS RIDICULOUS!” It really is.


Sanctity was “sooooo strong” that it was pretty much dominating the ladder and the tournaments! Oh, wait! I must have confused this with another game!
They nerfed sanctity to force diversity? Fine! They never answered what gameplay diversity does that imperial x15 tech time offers! Or what did they intend to achieve by making the honed blades (a castle age tech) take 22 minutes to research! Weren’t people already forced to choose the dome of faith for cheaper scholars? Didn’t they consider that this would make this landmark even more crucial with this change? You want diversity? Fix the damn bugs and all the useless junk in the game!
If you ask me, they were only frustrated that nobody bothered to fill up that 20 slots of the Madrasa (university) with scholars! They judged that in imperial, players have the resources to produce scholars, and this increase in tech cost would incentivize them to use all their available infrastructure (including the Madrasa) to garrison them, failing again to consider that aside from the huge amount of gold investment, those scholars take up precious population slots! A very scarce resource in the imperial age!


With all do respect, you mean " pretty much" dominating the ladder the same way English Bowman rush dominate the ladder, or the same way french knights dominate the ladder? Or perhaps the same way Mongols dominate the ladder? Or wait, you can’t mean that, cause they weren’t. Multiple tournament games will show you that.
Perhaps you mean they were competitive? We wouldn’t want that one strat way of doing things now would we?

Show me which ladder and tournament you are talking about, Genisis? Turin’s weekly? I am more than happy to hear about all the tournaments won by Delhi.

I really think you are confusing this game with another.

I think I misinterpreted your post because of my defensive state. My apologies. Things get confusing on the interweb. Sorry If I sounded harsh. I am really hoping this game succeeds. It doesn’t look promising.

I missed the sarcasm and that is my bad.

checkout FitzBro and Szalamii1 past games
they play delhi exclusively and are currently ranked at 928 and 182 with elo 1388 and 1560

Szalamii1 has managed to improve his rank after the patch from 300+ to 182 and he continues to climb higher.
FitzBro although has lost his rank from 400+ to 900+
you can also watch their past twitch streams here:

FitzBro is based out of US and streams late night EST
Szalamii1 is based out of Hungary and is currently suffering from covid19 so he might not stream for a few weeks. But you can watch his past streams on twitch and observe his past games from within the game menu.

There are more streamers who play Delhi at all levels. but they have switched to other civs after the patch. These two have not given up yet and exclusively play Delhi which is a good thing.

It seems only a few build orders emerge after this patch. I’ll try to explain them as much as i can here

on water maps always start with a dock. make a lumber camp and send all villagers to wood. keep 2 on sheep and after a min send 2 to gold. always go for deep water fish if available. try to wall off your opponent’s shoreline if possible so that he cant build a dock there. in feudal age make archer ships (dhow) to fight enemy naval ships, harass fishing ships and maintain naval supremacy. you should aim at blocking your enemy from building a dock, if you cant then try to tower your fishline to prevent enemy ships from harrasing your fishing ships, dont hesitate to rein in on the attack capability of your fishing boats, remember they can attack and gather fish at the same time. watermaps usually delay your ageup as well as your opponents age up and its normal to see players starting to age up to feudal by 5-6m mark. you will need a lot of dhow to maintain naval supremacy against hulk and chinese attack ships. also remember to make multiple docks and wall off the land crossings so his boats cannot crossover to your side. dont cancel any dock tech which you are researching as they are bugged and will not resume from where you cancelled it. you can use demo ships against enemy units and buildings which are closer to water as it has a huge area of effect. if you loose water research professional scouts and make multiple scouts to bring hunts to your tc.

on land maps mosque start is good, but without mosque you can actually start to age up as early as 2:30 by just building a mining camp and gathering sheep. Ideally you should start building your dome of faith around 3:30 mark. as soon as the game starts see where your berries are in minimap and make a mill there, try to build a lumber camp and mosque in such a way that the aura of influence reaches your mill as well. once mosque is build queue all researches starting with efficiant production. build a house before you get housed. if you decide to research survival techniques instead of wheelbarrow first then go for professional scouts in feudal and use multiple scouts to bring you animals from the map to your tc. best is to go get your opponent hunts therby denying him his early hunts. keeping two on gold should give you enough to age up and keep them mining gold during age up as well so you can immediatly start training scholars from your dome of faith as soon as you hit feudal. you can use your 3-4 food villagers to build your dome of faith once you have 400 food. once in feudal cancel all your mosuqe’s pending research and start researching sanctity and making scholars from dome of faith. build a blacksmith and scout your opponent to see what he’s making, go for archers and horsemen if he’s english, if he’s french make spearmen and archers. basically see what he’s making and make the counter. if you are early in feudal try to harrass his gold, food supply. make sure to avoid town center fire as it can be controlled to hit you where they choose to. if you are expecting him to attack first or if he is harrasing your villagers build towers to secure your gold, stone, berry bush. you can garrison your villagers or spearmen and archers in these towers to fend off without loosing units. always put a scholar in all your military production buildings. a second tc is rarely built but if you feel like your opponent is not going to hit you you can go for it. once in castle you should try to stone wall your opponent in and/or build a keep as close to him as possible. make sure keep is not in mosque influence otherwise your research time will increase. if it is then evict your scholars before researching keep tech. research boiling oil. go for MAA or Tower elephants or war elephants if he’s going only cavalry. try to take advantage of stone walls as you can increase your archers range if you put them on top of stone walls. as the game progresses spam springalds along with your army of choice. as usually make more mosuqes and fill them with scholars as well. by castle age you should have atleast 3-5 scholars in your mosque and military production buildings. keeping scholars in militarty buildings will also speed up your unit upgrades. if you prefer a more defensive play style then choose compound of defender otherwise build house of learning. in house of learning research reinforced foundations first and then honed blades.

just to make it clear, delhi is severly handicapped right now due to bugs and extreme nerfs and the devs have clearly said in their past stream that the hotfix coming next week will fix only 3 bugs and none of them are related to delhi. so delhi will remain bugged until spring. although i am really hoping for a fix to atleast some of delhi bugs this year.

hope this helps


I watch both FitzBro and Szalamii1, and seriously, they are great at what they do. FIizbro was actually the first person I watched when AOE4 came out. I came across Szalami1 a little while later, and he is so unbelievably creative in his strategies. I dig on both these cats. Glad to see other people like them too. Glad to see the Delhi tribe trying to stick it out. None of us hate the game at its core, we just want it to be the best it can be.

As negative as I am about the current state of things, it’s only because I want it to go far. I want it to last.


This was super informative and really helpful. As a noob with not that many games under my belt (1k elo), I’ve also played around with barracks first starts that send spears to wall off enemy resources (ideally gold) and harass during dark age. You can potentially get some spears to the enemy side of the map before 3 min and try to force your opponent to over-react to your early aggression, while still getting to Feudal yourself by around 5-6min.

I think if all the bugs afflicting Delhi were fixed, the change to Sanctity wouldn’t be so bad. Even Sanctity itself is bugged right now with a 5min research time when it should be 3m 30s. What I’m mostly annoyed about with the changes is that the devs seemed to characterize the entire concept of rushing sacred sites as one dimensional when there were like a dozen different strategies/build orders that I was seeing get played by high level players in streams. To me it was a very exciting meta to see develop that was both rich and complexity and encouraged action from both players across the whole map. Despite this it was somehow characterized as oppressive and was singled out amongst all the other balance adjustments in the patch as not just a nerf but pretty much a complete removal of a whole breadth of strategies.

Again, Delhi might be still be fine without Sanctity provided the bugs get fixed but personally I feel the civ is much less rich (heh) as a result.

Snoopa from Australia is also maining Delhi

you can watch his latest Delhi stream here

He used to be under 100 rank before, but after the patch he’s climbed down to around 200-300

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also since now tc can focus fire on command, 2tc openings are much more viable than ever, if you build both tcs to protect each other and protect your starting resources.

another top players delhi gameplay featuring the op fishing boats.

you can also watch this match in game, Delhi player’s gamertag is REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE map is Mongolian Heights