I want those magnificient Wonders to become training buildings for Heroes

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I see where you are going with this but I don’t think AoE2 is the type of game for heroes. I do think the wonders should be used for something besides siting there.

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Why ? The most beautiful buildings of the game are completely useless bro :).

I like heroes like warcraft 3 and would gadly accept such feature in aoe2 de.
Maybe train them in the castle? I don’t see how it would work with wonders. They are way too expensive and they are designed to be a win condition.

Yeah they are very expensive, so it would at least reward the player making it. Heroes in AoE 2 are broken, like Genghis Khan or Robin Hood or Harald, etc… They alo regen, and their stats could also be messed with if needed, but i thought about it more like a fun feature, rather than something changing the meta, just making some use of the wonder, and it would be very, very fun in my view !

Edit : Not like in Warc3, i mean training these units, like you would train other units, so you’d be able to create multiple Gengis Khans or Charles Martel for example, like any other unit. They are like super unique units, for those that never played custom scenarios, here are some examples : Gengis Khan is an OP Mangudai, Martel is an OP Axeman, Robin Hood an OP Longbow, Harald is a Berserk with range, etc…).

Being able to build a wonder in a competitive game is not an easy to attain sort of a task, and would be quite rare, unless one player is already so ahead that he would have already won anyway (for 1v1s), or falling far behind by attempting to build it in a more disputed game. So, that would not break 1v1s, could be implemented, or banned in Team Games, or it could be just a feature available in the options for non-ranked games only, and see if people like it or not :slight_smile:

just make a mod that does that lol ez

Could be nice for some sort of custom scenario, compareable to CBA. But this is already possible in the scenario editor / modding.

We dont need this for normal games.


Speak for yourself, i’d like that for a regular game


It would be terrible unbalanced if you could train heros in ranked games. For that reason i am pretty sure i can speak for the majority. Having this a regular feature would be really terribe for the game.

If people want to play with such setting, then just make a mod. So it is still possible, for those who like this idea. But it shouldnt never be part of the base game. You even said the same:


You are better off using the resources needed for a wonder training regular units even in a mod.

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I made a custom map back in the days for The Conquerors with this idea for Michi (called it Michi Heroes).

It was just like regular Michi, but i added a tiny area with a flag behind each player base, where the units were triggered here for each player, instead of them being directly created within the wonder (impossible to do that back in the days, i don’t know if it’s possible now, but i guess only the devs could do such a thing).

I messed with the base stats (attack and health) of the different heroes in order to balance things out as much as possible, we tested it and it was nice. Some civs didn’t have heroes in the roster per say, so for example i gave Furious The Monkey boy to Aztecs, stuff like that.

After many tests and many games, we finally arrived to a point where building a wonder were worth it sometimes, and sometimes not (balanced in other words). It was a risk to spend so much, but it could pay off sometimes.

I too would like to have it in the normal game as well, but i think it would be more reasonable as an option for unranked matches first, a mod at least, and see how that goes, if people like it or not, etc…

Leave alone the competitive aspect of the game. Heroes are completely unbalanced, use the editor and make it possible in your maps if you want it, but leave RM, EW and DM alone.
“But no one makes wonders in ranked or tournaments”, yeah and that’s completely fine

I agree. The reason I got into Aoe was I was tried of over powered characters taking out whole armies. In real life I doubt Genghis Khan could take out a whole army.

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Well, a paladin can take out a whole army of militias or feudal skirmishers. That’s not realistic either. You must realize that building a wonder is a very difficult task in a competitive setup, so the reward could at least be something.

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Wonder is there for making the enemy wonder how the heck did they manage to build it.


The reward is auto-winning after a countdown.
Sounds MUCH better than OP Hero units already!

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Yes but what about short term. If someone manages to build a wonder then their resources should be depleted. So the wonder should be able to provide a cheap (but still good) unit.

Except that no one plays on standard victory setting.

Maybe, indeed the costs and stats of the units available would be tweaked accordingly, to become reasonable in each aspect.

Heroes are for scenarios only why should they change to cater something totally not relevant.