I want to contribute to AoE2 DE

Hey community, I want to contribute to AoE2 DE other than giving balance suggestions on the forums. It can be as simple as implementing the balance changes using Genie Editor to the actual changes to the game engine.

Since this is not an open-source project, I find it difficult to contribute to. Can anyone help me with this?

I don’t know if people would play a balance mod. After all almost no one played online using the April preview update that did contain balance changes, despite all the discussion that happened around said balance changes. On the bright side, insisting to save DM is a pretty good way to contribute to DE right now.


You can apply for a job with Forgotten Empires: https://www.forgottenempires.net/jobs
Not sure about the other teams working on the game.


…Rumors say, they are searching an alt-f4 engineer…


Yeah I came to know that pretty lately. Except for some campaigns where new Civilizations are required and for testing game mechanics, these data mods are useless.

Actually thanks for that but I am ready to do free work too. I have tried for a job but I am not eligible because I am still a student! :sweat_smile:

LoL there are too many here that consider themselves as balance experts.

How many would they listen to?

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We have a full crew of balance expert, new civ creators and the special operations staff that deals with the “this is not historically accurate” stuff. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Almost everyone on this forum like civs with limited tech trees so I think if they were to balance civs the only tech available for civs would be loom and the only military unit would be the dark age militia but hey at least it’s perfectly balanced.